An Infinite Summer

de Christopher Priest

Le livre

An Infinite Summer est paru en 1979 aux éditions Charles Scribner's Sons.

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La quatrième de couverture

In these five new stories, the author of the highly praised novel The Perfect Lover explores the obsessions of the isolated, the fearful longings and often ruinous innocence of people who live inside the brightly lit globes of their own imaginings. In "The Watched", an ex-spy and amateur anthropologist observes from behind a wall another culture's exotic sexual ritual, until it becomes clear that the ritual's victim and the voyeur depend upon each other for release. "The Negation" concerns a young soldier-poet named Dik who discovers, in one brilliantly ironic scene, that art can change your life. In "Whores," a soldier goes on a hallucinatory quest for satisfaction, which ends in haunting and grotesque loss.

Priest's characters frequently find themselves trapped in time, their worlds bound by an obsession. The title story is about a man unable to wake from the memory of an Edwadian romance into the reality of World War II. In "Palely Loitering", a young man able to jump from the present to the future and back falls desperately in love with a girl who remains forever elusive.

Christopher Priest is a maker of new, shimmering worlds that, like dreams, impart all kinds of wisdom. This collection will confirm Priest's reputation as one of the most original and exciting writers of his generation.

Christopher Priest, winner of the British Science Fiction Award, is the author of five novels, including The Perfect Lover, and a collection of short stories. He has contributed to such magazines as New Scientist, Penthouse and Cosmopolitan. He was born and lives in England.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :

1979 Éditions Charles Scribner's Sons, New York
ISBN 0-684-16274-1

La couverture

La couverture est illustrée par Anita Siegel.