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Douglas Clegg

Douglas Clegg (USA, Alexandria, Virginia, April, 1st, 1958 - )


Douglas Clegg was born in Alexandria, Virginia, but has lived in Paris, London, Washington DC, Hawaii, Connecticut and Los Angeles. He grew up in a slightly artistic family: his mother painted, and his two brothers are opera singers. His sister practiced law, which is of course an occupation highly regarded in a family of artists. He now lives in the foothills just outside Los Angeles, where he can witness first-hand riots, rebellions, fires, earthquakes, floods, and other signs of the millenium. After graduating from Washington & Lee University, where he majored in English Literature, he worked as a journalist for a variety of publications in Washington DC. In 1986, he moved to Los Angeles to work in television news. He wrote his first novel in 1988 out of desperation and lunacy. Called Goat Dance, it was published the following year by Pocket Books, and was nominated for Outstanding First Novel by the Horror Writers Association. His second and third novels, Breeder, and Neverland followed, also from Pocket. Because of short story commitments, he didn't turn in another novel until 1994--this was Dark of the Eye. His short stories include: "Ice Palace" from Little Deaths; "White Chapel" from Love In Vein and Year's Best Fantasy & Horror; "Where Flies Are Born" from Best New Horror 3; "Coming Of Age" from Forbidden Acts; "The Mysteries of Paris" from More Phobias; "The Ripening Sweetness of Late Afternoon" from Dante's Disciples. In all, he has had over thirty short stories published. As of 1995, his current novel is called The Children's Hour (Dell), and deals with vampiric creatures in a small town in West Virginia. His next novel, to be published in late 1996 is called You Come When I Call You, and concerns a boy, his dog, the girl of his dreams, and an apocalypse on the high desert of California.

Clegg lives with his better half, and a black cat and a border collie mongrel in a cottage in the hills. He divides his time between his work, his family, and his commitments to the AIDS Service Center of Pasadena... Well, he used to. He has recently moved to Stonington, Connecticut, on the New England coast.



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