Dark of the Eye

de Douglas Clegg

Le livre

Dark of the Eye est paru en 1994 aux éditions Pocket Books.

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Dark of the Eye

A tragic accident left eleven-year-old Hope Stewart with an extraordinary power that is both blessing and curse. Her touch alone can heal those suffering from horrifying afflictions... or subject them to an unspeakable fate. Now, a one-innocent child has become the prey in a monstrous hunt. Her scientist father is determined to exploit her frightening gift, a relentless government agent is out to kill her - and a damaged soul called Monkey vows to deliver her to the mercies of the fiendish forces he serves...

Douglas Clegg, the macabre mastermind of Neverland, Breeder and Goat Dance, blends suspense at its most shocking and psychological horror at its most nerve-shattering to create a tale of science run dangerously amok - and evil beyond imagining.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :

1994, Douglas Clegg
ISBN 0-671-73539-X

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