Carroll, Jonathan (New-York, U.S.A., 26 Janvier 1949 - )

Jonathan Carroll est américain. Il vit à Vienne, en Autriche, où il enseigne.

Biographical information

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Personal: Born January 26,1949, in New York, NY; son of Sidney (a screenwriter) and June (an actress and lyricist;maiden name Sillman) Carroll; married Beverly Shreiner (an artist), June 19, 1971; children: Ryder Pierce. Education: Rutgers University, B.A. (cum laude), 1971; University of Virginia, M.A.; 1973.

Career: North State Academy, Hickory, N.C., English teacher, 1971-72; St. Louis Country Day School, St. Louis Mo., English teacher, 1973-74; American International School, Vienna, Austria, English teacher, 1974-. Awards, honors: Emily Clark Balch fellowship in creative writing at University of Virgina, 1972.


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Ce qu'ils en disent

``Try Jonathan Carroll. He writes fabulous hyperfiction novels that all (or mostly) concern the same group of people. Kind of like a neighborhood where you might ask what happened to a neighbor's son or daughter. His stuff is dark and bends the reader's very concept of reality.''
Lydia Marano
- in rec.arts.sf.written, 30 May 1995

``Ah, yes, Jonathan Carroll. Jonathan Carroll is one of the best literary fantasy writers in the field today. John Crowley, Gene Wolfe (when he does fantasy) and James Blaylock are other top fantasists (although Blaylock isn't quite my taste). As you can see many of his books are set in the same universe. If you pay attention, you'll see major characters from one book reappear as minor characters in others. I've found the result of reading the series to be cumulative, with one book adding to the effect of the others. I'ld recommend 'Bones of the Moon' as a good introduction to Carroll.''
John Wenn
- in rec.arts.sf.written, 7 Mar 92

``Jonathan Carroll never fails. Every book is a pure delight for the senses-- mystical and suspenseful, yet realistic and touching.''
``Carroll is one of my favorite authors, and AFTER SILENCE is a prime example of why. For the newcomer, this is a fine place to start discovering one man's personal view of what magic realism means in literature. For the converted, don't worry--Carroll hasn't slipped yet.''
Glen Cox
- in rec.arts.sf.written, 11 Jan 93

``I envy anyone who has yet to enjoy the sexy, eerie and addictive novels of Jonathan Carroll. They are delicious treats - with devilish tricks inside them.''
- Washington Post Book World

``Eccentric, funny, ornery, inventive, faithful to no rules of fiction writing but his own, Carroll is as compelling and purposefully odd as a german expressionist film.''
- Los Angeles Times Book Review

``Mr. Carroll is most adept at bringing the magical and mystic forces at work within reality to the cracked and war-torn surface of our contemporary world... Mr. Carroll's staccato style, flair for invention and urgent voice demand our attention... He imaginatively uses folklore, fairy tales and mysticism to exorcise the demons that haunt us.''
- The New York Times Book Review

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La photo de Jonathan Carroll est due à Bela Borsodi. Elle apparaît en couverture des ouvrages After Silence et From the Teeth of Angels.