Black Cocktail

de Jonathan Carroll

Le livre

Black Cocktail a été publié initialement en 1990. La présentation édition date de 1991.

La quatrième de couverture

As much as a magician as he is a writer, Jonathan Carroll astounds his audience with each surreal blend of fairy tale, everyday realism, and high terror that he writes. Frome The Land of Laughs through A Child Across the Sky, this storyteller's surety and sophistication bind us to his spells.

Black Cocktail's narrator, Ingram York, is captivated by the stories told by Michael Billa, his bon vivant lover. In fact, it was Michael Billa who said death was like a bartender who can whip up any number of exotic drinks, besides the standard beer-and-a-shot or double vodka.

Any of a number of black cocktails. Clinton Deix, for one.

Deix was Michael's high school buddy, the one kid angrier and scarier than all the rest. The kid who comes back now to see Michael. The kid who's still fifteen.

Ingram York's ensuing ride through love and terror is a stimulating, potent brew from a preeminent prestidigitator moonlighting in a bar of dreams and life. Beautifully illustrated by Dave McKean, Black Cocktail will leave intoxicated readers reeling.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :
Copyright © 1990 by Jonathan Carroll
First U.S. Edition : September 1991
ISBN 0-312-06304-0

La couverture

La couverture est créditée Dave McKean, ainsi que les illustrations intérieures.

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