Outside the Dog Museum

de Jonathan Carroll

Le livre

Outside the Dog Museum est paru en Février 1992 chez Doubleday. Il a été réédité en 1993 chez Bentam.

La quatrième de couverture (1993)

Jonathan Carroll infuses all of the shimmering power of magical realism into this novel of Harry Radcliffe, a genius commissioned to design an architectural wonder that soon begins to reflect the architecture of the human spirit.
I'd just bitten the hand that fed me when God called, again. Shaking her left hand, Claire picked up the receiver with her right. After asking who it was, she held it out to me, rolling her eyes. ``It's God again.'' Her little joke. The Sultan's name was Mohammed, and he was more or less God to the million and a half citizens of the Republic of Saru, somewhere in the Persian Gulf.
The benevolent and visionary Sultan of Saru wants prizewinning architect Harry Radcliffe to build hime a billion-dollar dog museum. Radcliffe is reluctant, to say the least, but he has been dancing dangerously close to the edge of insanity lately, and this project may be what he needs to call him back from the brink. In Saru, Radcliffe finds himself in a world even madder and more unreal that the one he left behind. The ordinary laws of reality don't seem to hold, and life, love, and death take on towering proportions as Radcliffe's magnificent building reaches for the heavens.

Jonathan Carroll is one of the most original voices in American fiction today. Imaginative and heartfelt, Outside the Dog Museum is a stunning addition to his work and, for those who have yet to experience Carroll, a dazzling introduction to his world.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :
Copyright © 1992 by Jonathan Carroll
Bantam edition / March 1993
ISBN 0-553-56164-2

La couverture

La couverture est créditée Willardson & associates.

Ce qu'ils en disent

``Carroll's version of magical realism is urban and modern, and perhaps that's his pull : even at his strangest he is tapping into us, our weird dreams, our reimaged childhoods.''
-- Details

``I think Jonathan Carroll is an extraordinary writer... He's an absolute original, a novelist of rare and terrifying power, and a writer with a most singular and astonishing vision... Jonathan Carroll is a cult waiting to be born.''
-- Pat Conroy

``A smart, funny book that wisits the depths of cynicism and dares to be sincere.''
-- Chicago Tribune