Sleeping in Flame

de Jonathan Carroll

Le livre

Sleeping in Flame est paru en Février 1988 chez Doubleday. Il a été réédité en 1990 aux Vintage Contemporaries Editions.

La quatrième de couverture (1990)

``I envy anyone who has yet to enjoy the sexy, eerie and addictive novels of Jonathan Carroll. They are delicious treats - with devilish tricks inside them.''
- Washington Post Book World

Ricocheting between the haunted chic of Vienna and the mystical crassness of Los Angeles, between the world of desire and the landscape of dreams, Sleeping in Flame is a hypnotic literary novel with irresistible elements of fantasy and magic

It is the story of Walker Easterling, who saves a woman's life only to place her in infinitely greater danger by falling in love with her. It's the story of Maris York, and androgynous beauty who arouses incinerating passions in the men around her. It is a novel populated by a shaman with a fondness for sandwiches, an autistic Adonis, and a tiny man as powerful and ravenously jalous as the God of the Old Testament.

Praised by writers ranging from Stanislas Lem to Stephen King, Jonathan Carroll has made Sleeping in flame a dizziying tour de force of tenderness and terror, realistic suspens and mythic imagination.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :

Copyright © 1988 by Jonathan Carroll
First Vintage Contemporaries Edition, July 1990
Originally published by Doubleday, in 1988
ISBN 0-679-72777-9

La couverture

La conception de la couverture est créditée Lorraine Louie, la photographie de couverture est de Nick Rozsa.

Ce qu'ils en disent

``Jonathan Carroll is a cult waiting to be born, a novelist of rare and terrifying power.''
-- Pat Conroy