The Panic Hand

de Jonathan Carroll

Le livre

The Panic Hand est paru en 1995 chez HarperCollins Publishers. Il rassemble la plupart des nouvelles de Jonathan Carroll, pour certaines antérieurement parues dans l'édition Die Panische Hand en 1989 :

La quatrième de couverture (1995)

A collection of unforgettable stories by the author of From the teeth of Angels, the most original and sophisticated voice in contemporary horror.

Jonathan Carroll's eight novels have gained him an enviable reputation as perhaps the most critically admired and respected writer in horror today. His work is a distinctive and instantly recognizable blend of fantasy, magical realism an horror, grounded in realistically and sympathetically portrayed characters and situations.

In a recent front-page review in the Los Angeles Times, he was described as ``a movie-generation virtuoso with the literary sensibility of a metaphysical eccentric. You never know where you stand... once you're hooked, you have to read all of them.'' And the Observer, reviewing his last novel, From the teeth of Angels, declared that ``Carroll is like Death in his narrative skills - all begnin plausibility and ratlike cunning.''

Here, for the first time in English, are Carroll's collected stories, a wide-ranging showcase for his talents, and in particular for his extraordinary hability to turn a situation disturbingly and terrifyingly on its head in an instant. See for yourself in these prize-winning small doses if all the noise that has been made about this remarkably unsettling writer is justified.

Carroll's world is one that is subtly out of kilter, and which can take a turn for the sinister at any time... an inventive and endless fascinating writer.

-- The Times

Jonathan Carroll is the award-winning author of The Land of Laughs,
Outside the Dog Museum, After Silence, and more recently From the Teeth of Angels.
He lives in Vienna and Los Angeles.


L'édition dont je dispose indique :

Copyright © 1995 by Jonathan Carroll
HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 0-00-224540-X

La couverture

La couverture représente ``Ostenders'', de Ray Richardson, 1993.

Ce qu'ils en disent

``Jonathan Carroll's novels sit astride the boundary between genre fantasy and magic realism, between fairy stories with their vindictive morality and the laid-back contemporary novel of the mundane.''

-- Times Literary Supplement

Praise for Jonathan Carroll's ``From the Teeth of Angels''
``Flouting the conventions of form in a way horror novels may usually only dream of, Carroll's eight novel takes him further into the mainstream, where is ideas continue brilliantly to subvert expectations. A gruelling, cleansing emotional journey that asks big questions, never skirts the serious issues and cannot be recommended too highly''

-- Guardian

``Tricky and undeniably high-minded, Carroll's novels demand, and deserve, to be taken seriously. In From the Teeth of Angels, Carroll has fashioned a stark, cunnong parable about the excrutiating fact of ou own eventual deaths. This is a fine and harrowing and beautiful work of fiction. Here's hoping that Carroll's reputation continues to grow.''

-- New York Times Book Review

``Carroll has maintened and even surpassed his earlier heady standards with From the Teeth of Angels. It stands as one of that increasingly rare breed of novels which virtually demand the reader turn back to the first page to re-live the story immediatly. Highly recommended.''

-- Interzone

``This tale of death and redemption grabs you by the short hairs and won't let you go. Jonathan Carroll has crafted the ultimate mataphorical tale of life and death, psychic loss, friendship and alienation.''

-- James Ellroy

``Deeply satisfying... a struggle between good and evil as monumental as anything in Milton (whith whom Carroll shares an ability to make evil sductively beautiful and intelligent).''

-- Michael Moorcock, New Statesman & Society