A Letter to Lestat (vampire imagined)

by Sheryl Hanna, fhanna@k-net.net

                I stand upon my balcony looking up towards the moon,
                For it is full and bright,
                Like Juliet hoping to see her Romeo,
                I hope to see you my Lestat tonight!
  Upon retiring, I leave the balcony doors open,
  Praying, hoping that you will in reality come to me,
  I can almost feel your gentle kiss upon my lips,
  Your tap upon my shoulder fair,
  Whispering in my ear: "Darling, I am here, I heard your heart calling my
  Name it was then that I immediately came to you,
  Together we shall walk the earth searching for that warm sanguine liquid,
  To satisfy our never ending thirst,
  So now my dearest come to me, let me take you in my arms,
  And give you this immortal kiss,
  Hurry now for it's nearly dawn,
  Before Sunrise we must go to our coffin,
  It's with me and me alone that you will sleep,
  For I won't share you with another!"
        Oh, I yearn, burn for your tender touch,
        I wish to turn into a bat and fly away with you,
        To be the same as you,
        To lay my weary head upon your pillow,
        As we sleep the sleep of the undead,
        As I join you when I rise at Sunset,
        Searching for mortals through out the land,
        As we pass through decade after decade,
        Together entwined as one!
        My love for you shall never die,
        Nor yours for me,
        For it will live beyond an eternity!
                                    Sheryl Hanna
Ce texte © 1996 Sheryl Hanna - tous droits réservés