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Science fiction was discussed on computer networks almost from the beginning (see Bruce Sterling, [gopher]A Short History of the Internet (well.sf.ca.us)). Now, there's more information on sf available than any one person can comfortably keep track of.

This page cannot be all-inclusive, but I hope it is a useful starting point for searches while remaining readable and interesting. I'd love feedback by e-mail: I'm especially interested in receiving corrections to out-of-date hyperlinks, corrections to inaccurate summaries, and information that I haven't included here. Some of these documents are stored at many sites and I've tried to point to the location that's most up-to-date; tell me if you know of better or more reliable sources than these.

This page was started by Gareth Rees (of Cambridge University's Computer Lab) in January 1994. Chaz ("Hazel") Baden (boston-baden.com) maintained it in 1995. Mats Öhrman (liu.se) was in charge for January-September 1996. As of 01 October 1996, updates are again handled by Chaz ("Hazel") Boston Baden. There was a slack period during 1998-2000 primarily due to other webmastering obligations; as of Oct-2001, Chaz is back on the case again. You can E-Mail your SFRG suggestions.

I couldn't keep this page updated without the help from people sending in suggestions - their favorite sites, or their own. I'd like to take this moment to thank Tommy Ljungberg as well, for his work in finding stuff we've missed. Keep 'em coming!

[88x31 SFRG icon] I designed this icon button for the Science Fiction Resource Guide. If you want to use it to indicate a link to the SFRG, feel free to do so. If you'd like a one-paragraph description of the Science Fiction Resource Guide, try this:

Science Fiction Resource Guide. (sflovers.org) This page contains an extensive collection of links to SF resources on the Net. Subject areas include other archives and resource guides, authors, art and artists, bibliographies, movies, television, bookstores, book reviews, role-playing games, zines, etc. Some of the topics include Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Jules Verne, H G Wells, Star Wars, Star Trek, nanotechnology, vampire fiction, and more. The site is maintained by Chaz Boston Baden.

[New] [Updated] Latest brand-new changes to the Science Fiction Resource Guide.
[New] [Updated] Slightly less-recent changes made.
[New] [Updated] As the revisions get older, the tags fade away.

Updates requested!

If you notice that one of our links here is bad - if it comes up File Not Found, or even if it just gives you a page that says We've Moved - please let me know! If you happen to know where the resource has moved to, that's even better. Send me e-mail with the name of the resource (preferably as listed in the Science Fiction Resource Guide - if I've got it listed wrong, tell me that too), the old URL, and the new URL. (If you happen to know that the contact e-mail address for the site has changed, I'd like that as well. Makes my job much easier.) "Change of Address" notices usually go to the top of my update stack.

"That's the beauty of the Web; everything in cyberspace happens at an accelerated rate and then is abandoned, outdated, to languish on some server somewhere for the rest of eternity." (Robert Rogoff)

A note about e-mail addresses

I have become weary of the unsolicited commercial e-mail that keeps showing up in my mailbox because my e-mail address is listed on my web pages. Since I'm sure almost everyone else is equally weary, I have decided to stop listing ready-to-use e-mail addresses as such here in the SFRG. I still want to list the person responsible for each site listed here, however, so I've applied a simple transformation to each address.

The e-mail addresses I list, by the way, are only to be used in case of broken links; if a web page moves, I'll attempt to reach the person listed at the contact address to find out where is the new URL.

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