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Rev. 11-Oct-2001

Medals we've been awarded

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This page was the recipient of a GNN "Best of the Net" award in 1994, and a Point Survey "Top 5%" award in 1995. (Point Survey appears to have been absorbed by Lycos and is out of business as of Nov. 2000). The "Best of the Net" review from GNN seems to have been translated into a "Webcrawler Select" rating on AOL. (Since the first GNN Best of the Net awards, GNN and Webcrawler were both bought out by AOL, in 1995 I believe. And as of Nov-2000, I can't find the "Webcrawler Select" data on the net anymore.)

We were also written up in the August 1995 Netguide, and we were listed in Cyber Surfer's Top Web 100. In January 1997, NetGuide awarded us a Gold Award for overall excellence (or in other words, a 4-star overall rating).

(mcp.com) We were mentioned in Point Survey's The World Wide Web Top 1000 (mcp.com) (Macmillan Publishing/New Riders (mcp.com), 1995, ISBN 1-56205-577-1), page 75. We were also mentioned in the book "writers.net" by Gary Gach (Prima Publishing (primapublishing.com), 1997, ISBN 0-76150641-1, page 42). (Their website doesn't appear to have any information about the book anymore, as of Nov-2000.)

The guide was rated a "4-Star" site (mckinley.com) by the McKinley Group's professional editorial team at Magellan in January 1996. (Now absorbed into Excite as of Nov-2000.) The SFRG was reviewed and rated a "10" out of 10 by LynxOfTheWeekList on 16th February 1996. And in December 1996, we were awarded the Best of Class Award (redbay.com) by Dazzler's Digital Domain.

The maintainer of the Forbidden Planet Home Page (easyspace.com) personally awarded us a Krell Hot Site Award in January 1997. This is the first "Hot" or "Cool" award we've received. LookSmart (looksmart.com) reviewed us, and seems to have given us their Editor's Choice award, in January or February 1997.

We were selected as one of "Martin's Weekly Picks" in February 1997, and we were selected as a Delos (fantascienza.com) Site of the Month (il sito del mese) for April 1997 (fantascienza.com).

In May 1997 we received the "Suite 101 Best of" award from Suite 101 (suite101.com), where we are listed as one of their "5 top sites" in the category Literature: Fantasy and Science Fiction; and we received a "Best of the Net" award from The Mining Company, Fantasy Literature division (now part of about.com as of Nov-2000). The second site, however, relies on frames and javascript. I believe one of the reasons we keep getting these net awards is because of our accessibility to all... We also received Nedsite's Best of the Net award from Nedsite's Finest List of Film- and Video-Related Resources on the Web (nedsite.nl).

In July 1998, we were selected as a Links2Go "Key Resource" (links2go.com) for Science Fiction. On 22 June 1998, we were selected as a "Cool Site" on GnuHoo/NewHoo (mozilla.org), now known as the Netscape Open Directory, under Arts/Books/Science_Fiction. We were selected as a "Web-Today Destination" for 20 December 1998.

In November 1997, "Personal Connections" (pconnections.net) featured us as their "site of the day" and reported that "it attracted a higher amount of click throughs than any of our featured sites" that month. In January 1999, we received a "New Edge" (newedge.com) site award, and in October 1999, we appeared on Web-Star.com's "Six Pack To Go." Sadly, all of these websites are now defunct (or have sold their domain names) and I didn't save the award gifs for the gallery below. [added Oct 2001]

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