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Questions that I've received via e-mail. I haven't answered any of them. If I did, it would probably be to say "I have no idea" and perhaps include a gentle suggestion that they read my FAQ. Or I might tell them I only read my SFRG e-mail once or twice a year, and they should try the Reference Librarian at a good local library. But as I said, I haven't answered any of these. [Added Oct 2001]

"Much to my amazement, I cannot find the submission guidelines for Analog or Asimov's magazines anywhere on the Web. They must be there *somewhere*! In fact, the BDD (Bantam Doubleday Dell) site doesn't even seem to mention either of these Dell-owned magazines. Do you happen to know where to find them online?" (fan.net) 23-Sep-1997

"Hi, I have onlysporadically read science fiction in my life-- but find myself wondering what writers are dealing with stories or philosophies involving criminal justice systems in the future.... In particular, I work with crime victims and am very discouraged at the injustices our current justice system inflicts-- and their lack of rights or redress in our current system..... Are there any books or science fiction writers you could refer me to who deals with this topic. I need some hope that visionaries are hopeful in drawing up something better. Stories on criminal and victim justice systems 100- 200 or 500 years from now would be great. thanks, I'm not sure where else to turn with this...." (aol.com) 28-Sep-1997

"I hope you can help me. I am looking for some information and maybe a place where I can get pictures of people who have been on Deep Space Nine. There was one episode with Deborah Van Valkenburgh, who played a human. I would like the episode title and are there pictures available of one-time characters? Any help would be appreciated." (airportgroup.com) 11-Nov-1997

"It appears to me that you have more experience in the field then I do. I have read all FAQs, there are none I could apply to my case. I am from St.Petersburg, Russia. I used to write SF stories on my own and I was an active member of SF Seminar which was lead by one of the best Soviet/Russian SF writers, Boris Strugatsky. The Seminar was one of the unique centers for SF life and fandom in St.Petersburg and Russia for many years. Not one famous Russian SF author emerged out of Seminar: V. Rybakov, A Tiurin, S. Loginov and many others. Being familiar with authors and their works (pretty much up to date) I wondered if I can collaborate with some of American SF publishing houses to introduce an anthology of modern Russian writers working in the field of SF. My question is to who I should address my offer to? I understand there is a vast amount of work involved (translation, etc.), and it maybe that no one will be interested in such anthology. Even though, it seems to me that it's worth a try. The last anthology of Russian SF was published in America a long time ago. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me." (netcom.com) 01-Feb-1998

"Hello Chaz I don't currently have a link to add to your site. I'd like to ask a question instead. Do you remember, or have any information on a RPG called The Fantasy Trip (TFT). I do plan to add a SF and RPG pages to my site." (flash.net) 04-Mar-1999

"BIG QUESTION, Do you know where I can find info on an American artist/illustraor by the name of August Holland? I found a print of his entitled, "Galatic Journey" wherein thee are space ships which closely resemble the Star Wars X-wings. I thought they may have been inspiration of the film's design....Thanks" (uwrf.edu) 24-Mar-1999

"I am a graduate student at Mcgill University doing a dissertation on horror films. I am trying to locate a library that has back issues of the fanzine Fangoria. Do you know of any?" (mcgill.ca) 26-Mar-1999

"I don't have a site to recommend but I am loking for info. I can't seem to find ANY info regarding the 1950's TV program Science Fiction Theater, they made 78 episodes between 1955-1957 I think. I can't find anything and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks." (freedomparty.org) 06-Apr-1999

"Hi I am an Australian Student Finding it difficult to locate information on a scientist by the name of Ralph Surich he was the inventor of the orbital engine, (like You didn't Know) and was wondering If it would be at all possible for you to help me locate some. If you can find any info that may be useful to me can you please send it to (email address) or send me the limk to find the info. If you could help I would be very Grateful." (hotmail.com) 12-May-1999

"I will make this a quick and simple little note. I am going to create The World Hall of Science Fiction, a place made so it won't be lost. I live in Ottawa, Canada and I am hoping to get enough funding to buy an older building (in the stone style) that will be a world heritage site before I die. My reason for taking this action is as simple as Asimov's descriptions of humanity in the distant future who could't even remember Earth, let alone literature. I will be creating a site that is completely dedicated to everything that is science fiction. It will not be just a musium, but a library and place of learning. I am in need of any and all information pretaining to early Science Fiction, including where I may obtain the materials from the many pulp fiction magazines of the late 20s and so on. I need 'stuff' and any sort of assistance possblie. Spread the word, Science Fiction will not be forgeten :)" (hotmail.com) 04-Jul-1999

"I have a completed book (20 Chapters) which is Book 1 of a Trilogy. I have submitted it to several publishers but they all say that it doesn't meet their standards. Others who have read it (not friends or relatives) say that it is good and suitable for high school level or above readers. I have completed three short stories based on the book and am presently working on book 2. I don't think that I'll ever make money on my writing (I'm doing it mostly for fun) but I would like to get some opinion from the SF community. To that end I would like to put my book, The MT Effect, onto the internet to obtain feedback from people other than publishers. If there are some who enjoy it so much the better. How shall I go about putting my book onto the net?" (activematrix.net) 06-Sep-1999

"I am a third year Marketing student at Oxford Brookes university in England and i have just been set an assignment where i must produce a marketing plan and launch strategy for a new science fiction movie to be released in the millenium. Obviously it isn't a real film, but the plan must be as though it were for a real movie!! I was wandering if you would be able to send me any information or ideas on this area. I have already searched the pages on the net, but not really had much success. If you possibly could help me in any way, it would be much appreciated if you could write to me at (email address)." (brookes.ac.uk) 17-Oct-1999

"i'm a student from finland and i'd need some information on the history of science fiction in cinema. i need to complete a three hour long lecture on the subject. is there a site on the net where i could find all sorts of information about the genres, histories etc.? if you have anything at all for me, i thank you already =)" (moonman.com) 19-Oct-1999

"Any ideas or suggestions as to where I can find out about book signings in LA area? Right now, looking for William Gibson signing, as his new book just came out... Thanks for any help you can provide." (netcom.com) 27-Oct-1999

"I, (name), a college senior student studying Secondary Education is presently conducting a research study entitled "The Relationship of Science Fiction movies to Intellective Factors on Grade 10 students." In view of this, I want to have knowledgeable people's opinion if watching sci-fi films can contribute to student's learning competence (in different fields i.e., Science and Technology, Mathematics, Drawing, History and English). I also want to inquire if you know other Internet sites as regards to my said study. Your contributions are of great help towards the accomplishment of the said study. Thank you very much!" (usa.net) 06-Nov-1999

"I understand that on your sflovers page there is Top 100 list of Science Fiction books. How can I see that list? Can you give me the URL of that page and how to get there from your page?" (yahoo.com) 07-Nov-1999

"hi! for the past two days i've been vainly searching for William Gibson's Neuromancer on the net. can you please tell me whether the novel is available in downloadable version? please help!" (hotmail.com) 15-Nov-1999

"Do you know where I can find articles about the connection between science fiction and science? I'd appreciate any help you can give me." (amdocs.com) 21-Nov-1999

"Hello. My name is (name), from Lexington, KY. I am looking for an old science fiction story called "Surface Tension". This is probably from the '50's, and was recommended highly by a friend. The trouble is, the only thing he knows is the title. Can you point me in the right direction to look?" (prodigy.net) 26-Nov-1999

"I was wondering. Over ten years past, I came across, on the radio, a audio production set in modern times where Dracula was featured as a dark hero. I believe it was presented as a mini-series. Would anybody on your end know anything about it. Although it's not my custom to bother other people with my quest, I haven't been able to track down any reference to this subject. Anything you might supply would be a help." (pahrump.com) 01-Dec-1999

"The Science Fiction Resource Guide is fantastic. Thanks for all the effort in putting it together and maintaining it. I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I am trying desperately to identify a scifi short story I read many years ago (probably in an anthology). I have no idea of the title or author. But, I do have a pretty detailed description of the plot. Do you have any ideas on where I might go to find people who could help me figure what this story is? Thanks for your help." (harvard.edu) 02-Dec-1999

"Hi. You have Stefan Wul listed on your site, yet the book I am looking for (Oms en Serie) is only available in French. I can read some French but I am not that ambitious. Do you have any idea if this book has been translated into English and/or where I can find it?" (sreb.org) 07-Dec-1999

"I'm at a loss to remember the story titles and authors of two stories I read in the 50's. Not sure if they were in mags, or in anthologies. I used to read ca. 300 pages in an evening, so a lot of verbage went under the bridge. Storylines/Characters:
1. A story about a way to feed the hungry using tissue cultured chicken, house in a large building and fed by tubes. The organism and "Product" was called "Chicken Little".
2. A story to describe parallel worlds and a major part dealt with why dogs would stare at a wall and bark as at nothing, when they could see the "cobblies" and we could not. Cobblies were creatures who could pass between parallel worlds wo being seen by man, but hte dogs could see htem. Any ideas?" (wyeth.com) 12-Jan-2000

"I love you site, I visit it regularly! I do have a question. About 15 years ago there was a TV show on NBC or ABC. Cant remember. But the basic theme was a family stepped into a pyramid and was transported to another dimension. There people are really androids made to act and be human and they are chased by an insane military commander. I clearly remember watching this on SCI if when the station first came on the air. any info would be appreciated" (cs.com) 15-Jan-2000

"Hello, I just "inherited"a very lg. sci fi/& fantasy collection of 30's-60's pulps and paperbacks, as well as enjoying them, organizing them,etc. i want to get an idea of their present value- can you recommend any price guides and please tell where to get them? i appreciate any leads!" (aol.com) 01-Feb-2000

"Do you know of anywhere that I can look for Science Fiction stories by topic? For example, I'm trying to see if there are any stories that speculate about life on a high gravity planet. Any suggestions?" (telusplanet.net) 06-Feb-2000

"In the early 1950's someone named something like Eugene Schoenfield or feld wrote two wonderful short short fantasies, "Built Up Logically" and "Built Down Logically". "Up" is better, by far. It was, I think, in one of the early "Year's Best From F&SF" anthologies. Or at least this is what I remember. Do you have any resources that would allow you to confirm or deny or at least give the right spelling of the name? Thanks so much in advance for your time in reading this, even if you don't have time or the inclination to reply." (prodigy.net) 14-Feb-2000

"Hi I'm doing my junior research paper for high school, and i was wandering if you could supply some info. What I need to know is about Sci-Fi's origins. Is Sci-Fi a genre started in the USA? I doubt it sense this country is so young compared to others. Could you tell me some countries where the early US authors might have gotten material they were in turn been influenced by? Any help would be appreciated." (dragg.net) 24-Feb-2000

"I have a completed draft of a sic-fi screenplay that I want to find an agent for or a production company - this being my first work in the field of movies - who is best to approach - how and how do I find them. It is a very exciting story and has many original elements" (yahoo.com) 28-Feb-2000

"I'm looking for info. Dunno where to go to look. Got passed on to you. About 1990-1991 the PBS TV station in DC (where nobody has any memory) ran a Science Fiction show on channel 26. It was a one-off. The plot concerned a future earth, much like now. The difference being that everybody bought things with credit that took time off your life. It was either an hour or two hour show. Amazing. This guy running around giving extra life to his sister/ex-lover (not sure) and in the end he fails to save her as she uses up all of her time. I recall an excellent script. Problem is--who wrote it? what's it called? I'm yet to encounter a soul who knows. This wasn't a local DC only thing. Any ideas on where to look? Whom to ask? I'd really appreciate it." (erols.com) 10-Mar-2000

"i do not know if You are the person to ask, however i did find Your email address so....could You refer me to someone who could help me find a couple of SF books to buy based on a spotty description of their contents? The two books i am looking for (along with dozens of others) got put in a yard sale without my knowledge and i would really like to have replacement copies. i will tell You what i remember of them, not expecting You id them but just give me an idea of someone who could (unless of course You can give me the titles). Book 1: On an Earth recreation planet, another species (i think called Machines) takes over. Thru a process of deprivation, exhasution, and manulipulation (including roll playing), the Earthlings are taken over and some eventually evolve into amphibians. Book 2: Anti-virus medicine solves all of man's woes until it is discovered that women's imune systems become so strong that they become immune to their own husbands sperm that they can only have one child, not enough to maintain populations. Women become super powerful (yea right!). Anyway, if You could help i would really appreciate it." (gcpud.org) 15-Mar-2000

"i've been searching all night for the author of "pshrink" I recall it's a sci-fi writer who coined the term. Thought it might be Gibson or Ballard, but can't find the reference. If you know would you kindly respond with the author/title? Thanks" (mediaone.net) 23-Apr-2000

"There is debate whether or not Star Wars is science fiction or fantasy. Can you give me a definition of the terms "science fiction" and "fantasy????" What is your opinion on this issue???" (hewm.com) 24-Apr-2000

"In 1995 i read a short story in a sci-fi anthology which concerned a team of "storm-riders" who rode the winds of a hurricane using a variety of parachutes and other inventive equipment. Do you, or any of your subscribers, know what this story is, where I can find it, or who wrote it?" (wasp.net.au) 18-Aug-2000

"I'm trying to track down a story from the 50's that orginally appeared in Amazing, or one of it's sister magazines. The one about the bullets on the moon and the problem. Not sure of the author, since it's been a few years. Can you point me in a useful direction?" (sd351.k12.id.us) 20-Nov-2000

"I need to know if a certain book by Hobbs is a First Edition. Ship Of Magic. Robin Hobb ISBN # 0-553-10324-5 PS 3558.033636S55 1998 813'.54-dc21 97-32216 CIP BVG !0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1" (earthlink.net) 29-Nov-2000


"Do you know where I might obtain an online copy of the short story, 'The Fly', written by George Langelaan?" (aol.com) 10-Dec-2000

"I am hoping that you can help me or point me in the right direction. I read a short story years ago called 'Nova in a bottle". It was in a science fiction or fantasy magazine. I do not know the name of the author or the magazine. I would like to get a copy of the story. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated." (aol.com) 26-Dec-2000

"I'd like to find a title etc. for some of the old stories I've read in the past. Maybe a bulletin board or chat room where I can describe what plot fragments I can remember... Can you point me in the right direction?" (aol.com) 06-Jan-2001

"I am trying to find someone who may remember an old sci-fi movie about a android/humanoid who has been sent by an alien race to observe/protect the human race. The end of the movie has a seen where the android/humanoid's time is up and he goes to a secret place where he lies down on his assigned table and the camera pans away revealing a seemingly infinite number of other tables with androids appropriate for their time period. I remember seeing it in the early 70's possibly the late 60's, but I can't remember the name. I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me toward such resources which could help me find the name of this old sci-fi movie." (21stcentury.net) 21-Jan-2001

"According to your expertise, and knowledge of science fiction, which short story would you recommend that someone without any prior knowledge of science fiction literature could effectively and easily analyze in terms of characterization, tone, diction, imagery, metaphor, setting, dialogue, narrative structure, point of view, ethos, pathos, logos, etc. Please provide me your recommendations at your earliest, most possible convenience." (aol.com) 24-Jan-2001

"I have a question or two about a movie that I saw but can't remember the title. Can your group help?" (aol.com) 29-Jan-2001

"Can you tell me the pseudonym for obscure 1960's/70s? pulp science fiction author Russell Melton? This is an inquiry for press purposes." (amlaw.com) 31-Jan-20001

"i'm wanting to ask a question about a science fiction book i had as a child which i no longer have. it was given to me by my aunt, who had found it on a sale table. it sounds like it may be a piers anthony book, but i haven't had any luck finding it throuh that search. i lost the book haven't seen it since the late 80's. it was about a guy in the age of genetic manipulation, where people had their genes changed in order to satisfy their own desires--which often became kinky and freakish. there were many illustrations in the book refecting characters one illustration (the best memories from the book) was with a chicken which had been given lips instead of a beak, another was of a woman who had sets of breasts all the way from her chest to her ankles. one woman in the book had herself given a extra large bladder and the rest of the book was as unrelentlingly vulgar. i wish to find this book again, and would appreciate any help in finding it. my email is (address), and i would be endebted to anyone helping!" (aol.com) 31-Jan-2001

"I have a large collection of mostly paperback SF. Some are quite old. Where can I find a value for insurance purposes. Most are published in the US or Canada but some come from the UK. Those are the oldest. I remember seeing a dealer consulting a book of values but I don't know its name or author. Any help would be appreciated" (nbnet.nb.ca) 08-Mar-2001


"i am looking for a publisher for my book. it's a fantasy book about 130,000 words long. if you can help me find a publisher for my book, it would greatly appriciated. please let me know as soon as possible. it's all ready to send to a publisher. thank you so much for your help and cooperation." (ctcak.net) 19-Apr-2001

"I'm searching for Si-Fi Mini Magazines (the kind you buy at the check-out counter of a food store....... 4"X6". I don't know the publisher......and can't find a CLUE about them on net. You have a ton of information.......thanks." (aol.com) 19-Apr-2001

"I have a question, but I can't seem to find the answer within the various links on your site. I have a painting by Alice Sheldon (James Tiptree) that was damaged in a flood. For insurance purposes I am trying to find the value and have had no luck. Could you suggest a site that might provide this information?" (msn.com) 27-Apr-2001

"could you please tell me if this site is still up and running as all i get is no access allowed what is happening please help." (free.net.nz) 06-May-2001

"Dear sirs: I wiil thank you your help about the following question about S.F. It is possible to find in Internet files that contain numered lists of science fiction books published by the most known editorials from USA? Editorials such as: ACE,BANTAM.,BERKLEY.,BALLANTINE,DELREY,SIGNET.............. For example: Berkley Medallion. The players od null-A-------A,E. VanVoght----------F1195--------50c Bill the galactic hero--------Harry Harrison------------F1186--------50c" (sernageomin.cl) 15-May-2001

"Can anyone help me?!!! I'm making a journey to L.A. at the end of the month amd I'm trying to find a store that sell X-files merchandise, specifically t-shirts. Have you any ideas?? I'd greatly appreciate the info." (hotmail.com) 17-May-2001

"As collections coordinator, I have been asked to recommend to our University Librarian some persons or organizations that could assist our library in establishing the value of a fairly large science fiction collection. It's my understanding that we have a detailed list of the items in this collection. Do you make evaluations of this sort for libraries? If so, what fee do you charge? Could you name some of the libraries that you have dealt with? If we were to decide to sell the collection, would you be interested in assisting us with this sale and if so, what arrangements or terms do you offer? If the answer to most of these questions is No, can you suggest some other bookstore or science fiction collector whom we might contact?" (uwinnipeg.ca) 25-May-2001

"I am not well acquainted with SF literature but about 20 years ago I read a short SF story which I have thought of since many times and would like to read it again but I can't recall the author or the title. I am writing to ask for help in identifying the author and story. The plot was as follows, as best as I can remember. A man was traveling in a space ship and went through a time warp. He was having some kind of problem with the ship and was needing to make some strategic decisions. As a result of the time warp though there were more and more versions of himself in the space ship, each version being himself at an earlier age in his life. There got to be so many versions running around that the situation became difficult. Then the 12 year old version of himself stepped forward and led the group into action." (earthlink.net) 02-Jun-2001

"I have a collection of If mag. from 1963 to its end, Fantasy and sce frictin from 61 to 81 (most of them) and Galacy from 69 to 78. Is there a market for these as I wish to get rid of them." (zbzoom.net) 15-Jun-2001

"I've been trying to do some research on the best-selling sci-fi writers of all time. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find a list that would have the top selling authors and the number of books sold?" (earthlink.net) 15-Jun-2001

"I've been reading sf for years and I like it when authors add a new novel to their wolrds. For example, I read the Foudation trilogy (Asimov) twice and was happy to read Forward the Foundation years later (a prequel). But sometimes, it gets heavy. A new sequel comes along years after the original story and I have to reread it before getting to the sequel (or prequel...). Do you know if I can find summaries of sf novels somewhere on the net. Just so I don't have to re-read Forward the Foundation trilogy or Hyperion Cantos before reading the New Foundation Trilogy (Bear, Benford, Brin) or Endymion (Simmons)." (videotron.ca) 19-Jun-2001

"I have no idea where to begin my search. You may or may not be able to help me. I have been trying to find a book for some time now, but it is a book that I read as a teenager back in (yikes!) the 1970's (late 70's), so as you can imagine, I have no idea not only who the author is, but also what the title of the book is. I know what the storyline is, and that is pretty much all I know. Do you have any idea where I should begin a search like this?" (cs.com) 27-Jun-2001

"Hello. I don't know if you're the right person to answer this, but here goes. Have you ever heard of the term "klick" as in "that planet's about 4000 klicks from here"? This is used in the military too. I think a klick might be a kilometer but I'm not sure." (fayette.k12.ky.us) 03-Jul-2001

"I read a book from my school's library when I was in either in Grade School or Junior High in the years 1970-1976. It was a series. A futuristic series. Aliens had taken over the earth and lived in Domed Cities with thier own atmosphere inside. The humans lived outside the domes but some lived inside wearing special breathing suites to work as slaves to the aliens. A group of young boys set out to free themselves and earth from these aliens that roamed the planet in huge three legged machines which I pictured to look like the aliens ships in "War of Worlds." I would like for my son to read the books too, but I can not find them anywhere. Can you possibly find the book for me?" (msn.com) 07-Jul-2001

"hi, i need some info on the following conventions....evecon 19 in reston, v.a., confuson in warren, m.i, genericon XV in troy ny, chattacon XXVII in chatanooga,tn" (hotmail.com) 09-Aug-2001

"Your site has been helpful in the past and I find myself trying to locate information. A fledgling convention needs some help with organization so I volunteered to try to hunt down resources for this group. I remember seeing handbooks and assume Worldcon has one for how to run a convention. Sort of convention 101. Any suggestions for finding resources." (dragonflydesignstudio.com) 10-Aug-2001

"I was wondering if anyone had a historical list of membership rates at worldcons. Do you know of a source? I haven't been able to find Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss online, and I think that his con register would be a good source." (pobox.com) 20-Aug-2001

"have you heard of a sci fi writer - his first name is michael i think - he wrote a book about characters called the borbles - weird humans with pointed ears - have you heard of a book like this? do you know the authors full name? the names of his books? i am dying to find this out, you seem like a sci fi expert, please help if ya can!" (aol.com) 30-Aug-2001

"What is the show which contained an episode called the Flying Couch? IN this television show, David Wayne comes to a psychiatrist complaining of realistic delusions in which he is transported to an alien world where he is a respected contact on Earth for "The Mentors" a race of superior Beings concerned with the welfare of the galaxy or something of that sort. He has written hundreds of volumes of information, which are stored in enormous book racks in his home, about his contacts with "the Mentors". His delusions are so compelling that they draw the psychiatrist into their reality and he nearly becomes obsessed and convinced that they are real and the doctor himself seeks psychiatric attention because of this encounter. The Flying Couch" (mediaone.net) 23-Sep-2001

"hello - im trying to find blueprints of - v - craft - can u help - or atleast go refernce pics - also same for battlestar galactica" (aol.com) 03-Oct-2001

"wheres alistair reynolds in the guide??" - "wheres micheal marshall smith in your guide??" [separate messages] (aol.com) 14-Oct-2001

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