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Rev. 04-Nov-2001

Update Log (since 01 October 2001)

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This "Update Log" covers SFRG administrative matters. The sections for What's New, What's Changed, and Entries Deleted cover changes to the content of the Science Fiction Resource Guide.

04 November 2001

24 October 2001

23 October 2001

18 October 2001

17 October 2001

Added new section for Annual S.F. Conventions for cons with continuing web pages.

16 October 2001

15 October 2001

Added new section Unanswered Questions.

14 October 2001

13 October 2001

12 October 2001

11 October 2001

10 October 2001

Split Movies into Movie Resources, Movie Studios, and Individual Movies.

09 October 2001

08 October 2001

Split up Fiction into Fiction - entire works; Serial Fiction and Ongoing Stories; Sample Chapters and Incomplete Works.

Split up Television into Television Resources; Television Studios; Television Shows; Star Trek.

Split up Art and Artists into Science Fiction Art Resources on the Net and Science Fiction Artists.

Split up Costuming Resources into Costuming Resources and Costume Dealers.

Split up Gaming into four sections: Role-Playing and other SF-related Games; Individual Games and Game Systems; Online Games: MUDs, MOOs, etc.; Game Companies.

Added "Telnet" and "PDF" icons. We now have icons for telnet, pdf, ftp, gopher, and winword. [Telnet] [PDF] [FTP] [Gopher] [WinWord] We also use a little file folder [Moved] to indicate a link that we know has moved, we just haven't tracked down its new URL yet, and we have an unhappy face [Dead] that we use for dead links (generally when they've been moved to Entries Deleted). Also added little "What's New" and "Update Log" icons in the same size as our New/Updated icons. [What's New] [Update Log]

07 October 2001

Added domain name in parentheses after each link.

Split "Authors D-G" into four separate sections: D, E, F, G.

Split "Authors H-K" into four separate sections: H, I, J, K.

Split "Authors L-M" into two separate sections: L, M.

Split "Authors N-O/P-Q" into four separate sections: N, O, P, Q.

Split "Authors T-Z" into seven separate sections: T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

06 October 2001

05 October 2001

Split "Authors A-B" into three separate sections: Authors, A, B.

Split "Authors N-R" into 3 sections: N-O, P-Q, R.

04 October 2001

03 October 2001

New URL: http://www.sflovers.org/SFRG/ (sflovers.org)

02 October 2001

01 October 2001

Table of Contents

Changed "What's New?" button to say "Update Log." Now it can be told: in 1995, if I remember correctly, there was an online bank called "First Virtual." (A name that was obviously coined by an engineer or other person interested in technical accuracy, without regard to the marketing effect such a name would have. Cf. "NetBank" (netbank.com), for example.) Anyhow "First Virtual" had a "What's New" graphic that I liked so much, I, umm, borrowed it for our use here.

Removed defunct "Qwango" mirror site.

Update Log (since 25 September 2001)

30 September 2001

Split the old "What's New" section into four sections.

28 September 2001

Introduction: Split section.

Created new section Medals We've Been Awarded/Things That Make Me Cranky.

Added [airlock.com] (airlock.com) Our "myth.net" mirror site is now on "airlock.com."

27 September 2001

E-mail SFRG: Fixed E-mail form.

It turns out the problem had to do with the difference between my domains www.boston-baden.com and www.bostonbaden.com, and how they're handled by my server...

26 September 2001

25 September 2001

I've designed this button icon for the Science Fiction Resource Guide. If you want to use it to indicate a link to the SFRG, feel free to do so.

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