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What's New (since 25 September 2001)

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This section covers new additions to the Science Fiction Resource Guide. Other content changes are covered by Update Log (administrivia), What's Changed, and Entries Deleted.

17 October 2001

Annual S.F. Conventions: New section, new links.

Ad Astra (ad-astra.org), Archon (stlf.org), Arisia (arisia.org), Balticon (balticon.org), Baycon (baycon.org), Boskone (nesfa.org), ConFurence (confurence.net), Consonance (rahul.net), Crescent City Con (crescentcitycon.com), DemiCon (demicon.org), Duckon (duckon.org), Gallifrey (gallifreyone.org), LepreCon (leprecon.org), Libertycon (libertycon.org), Loscon (loscon.org), Lunacon (lunacon.org), Midsouthcon (midsouthcon.org), Midwestcon (cfg.org), Minicon (mnstf.org), Miscon (miscon.org), Norwescon (norwescon.org), Orycon (orycon.org), Readercon (readercon.org), Roc*Kon (rockon.org), Westercon (westercon.org), Windycon (windycon.org), Worldcon (worldcon.org).

16 October 2001

Convention Resources: Added links.

Lloyd's CanCon Listing (geocities.com)
"...a list of upcoming Canadian conventions. Also listed are U.S. conventions close to the Canadian border." (Lloyd Penney) [added Oct 2001]

Television Shows: Added links.

Battlestar Galactica: Blow Waves in Space (apeculture.com)
"Humorous review of the TV series Battlestar Galactica." (Matthew Denby) [Added Oct 2001]
Doctor Who Appreciation Society (drwho.org)
"Welcome to the homepage for the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, the longest running organised fan network in the world. Formed in 1976 and recognised by BBC Worldwide, our aim is to provide our members with access to the world of Doctor Who through our archives, publications, and social events." (Chuck Foster) [Added Oct 2001]
Mercy Point Encyclopedia (geocities.com)
"Topical information on UPN's new show Mercy Point." ... "What is MERCY POINT? ... Some say it's ER in space. So far that seems right on. The cast and crew seem up to those standards at least. Others predict a 23rd century General Hospital. UPN's spots say they're 'the sexiest collection of doctors in primetime - not to mention the galaxy' reinforces the futuristic soap theme. Some of the cast members do have a soapy background - 6+ years for Wilson alone. Still other folks say it's merely a thinly disguised Star Trek: Mercy Point (STMP)." (Larry Hatch) [added Oct 2001]
Monkey (geocities.com)
"This is a tribute to the cult classic live action Japanese TV series Monkey (sometimes known as Monkey Magic), made by NTV in the late 1970's." (Monkey Owner) [Updated Oct 2001]
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Solar Guard Academy (solarguard.com)
"Think of the Solar Guard site as an electric fanzine for all cadets past and present who enjoy the Sense Of Wonder from those great Space Opera theme's found in the Books, Magazines, TV and Film's of the 1950's." ... "the site has grown to over 1,000 pages about the 1950's SF shows." (Cadet Ed)
[Updated Oct 2001]
Wizards and Warriors: The Land of Aperans (wizardsandwarriors.org)
"Good vs. Evil. Swords vs. sorcery. Black leather vs. gold lamé. Embarrassingly dated 80's hair vs. the most cutting-edge comic sensibility this side of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That's right, weary traveler -- if you should fondly seek the 1983 CBS comedy-adventure TV series created by Don Reo (starring Jeff Conaway, Duncan Regehr, and a stellar supporting cast), then you have reached the end of your arduous web-quest! You have found Wizards and Warriors! And lo, there was much rejoicing!" (Valeri Lynn) [added Oct 2001]

15 October 2001

Authors D: Added links.

Duchamp, L. Timmel (mindspring.com)
Site has Essays and Notes, Criticism, "Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology," Fiction, List of Published Stories. (L. Timmel Duchamp) [Added Oct 2001]

Bibliographies and Lists: Added links.

Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology (mindspring.com)
Starts with Mary Shelley (Frankenstein, 1818) and goes on from there. (L. Timmel Duchamp) [Added Oct 2001]

Reviews and Criticism: Added links.

Book-A-Minute SF/F (rinkworks.com)
"Let's face it. There's a lot of science fiction and fantasy out there and very little time to read it in.... We've taken several great speculative fiction novels and extracted the important stuff, cutting out all the filler. (You'd be surprised how much filler there is sometimes.) With our ultra-condensed versions of your favorite speculative fiction, you can read entire books -- entire series, even -- in just one minute!" (Samuel Stoddard, David J. Parker) [Added Oct 2001]
Duchamp, L. Timmel (mindspring.com)
Site has Essays and Notes, Criticism, "Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology", Fiction, List of Published Stories. (L. Timmel Duchamp) [Added Oct 2001]

Writers Resources: Added links.

Speculations: For Writers Who Want To Be Read (speculations.com)
"Speculations is an online resource for writers who wish to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or "other" speculative fiction genres. We publish a bimonthly magazine, maintain a Web site crammed full of resources, and host The Rumor Mill (speculations.com), our online community. Please feel free to poke around the site and join us in The Rumor Mill if you're so inclined; we hope that you get enough value out of what we do to consider subscribing." Want to check out what other authors have to say about an agent, editing service, or publisher? The "Rumor Mill" has a search engine, go use it... (Kent Brewster) [added Oct 2001]

12 October 2001

Authors C: Added links.

Côté, Denis (switchboard.com)
"I am a québécois (French Canadian living in Québec) novelist specialised in books for youth (teenagers and children). I write Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, adventure and mystery novels. I have published 28 books yet, all of them in french. But a lot of them have been translated into other languages (english, chinese, spanish...). Some have been adapted for TV." (Denis Cote) [added Oct 2001]

Authors G: Added links.

Gardiner, David's Home Page (virgin.net)
"home page of David Gardiner, author of SIRAT (published iUniverse, September 2000), a novel concerning the first emergence of electronic intelligence. Contains complete text download of the book plus reviews, plot summary, links to sales outlets and other short fiction by David Gardiner." (David Gardiner) [added Oct 2001]
Giambastiani, Kurt R.A. (sff.net)
"Homepage for Kurt R. A. Giambastiani. Includes personal history, bibliography, online fiction, and excerpts from upcoming novels." (Kurt R.A. Giambastiani) [added Oct 2001]
Gonzalez, J.F., The Cyber-haunt of (aol.com)
"The home-page of author J. F. Gonzalez, author of Clickers, Conversion, and Shapeshifter. Read novel excerpts, find out where you can buy his works, check out his bibliography, and learn other things you've every possibly wanted to now about this reclusive author." (J.F. Gonzalez) [added Oct 2001]

Authors H: Added links.

Hamilton, Edmond, Virtual Library (tok2.com)
"Edmond Hamilton Virutal Library try to make Hamilton bibliography all over the world. Honorary Director is Jack Williamson. I want more Hamilton bibliographic information!" (Tamio Ito) [added Oct 2001]
Hughart, Barry's Master Li novels (rcls.org)
"A tribute site to Barry Hughart's World Fantasy award-winning Master Li Novels, which detail the adventures of Master Li and Number Ten Ox in a mythological ancient China. The site includes a tour of ancient Chinese Hell." I keep getting "Wave Error - Unable to start playing LA sound" on my browser, right before it crashes. (Jerry Kuntz) [added Oct 2001]

Authors J: Added links.

Jones, Neil R.: Professor Jameson Space Adventures (fsnet.co.uk)
"My personal tribute site to Neil R. Jones's classic series of books Professor Jameson Space Adventures. Included are a brief overview of the stories, info about the author, details of publication dates and quality cover scans of the books." (Trevor Stewart) [added Oct 2001]

Authors K: Added links.

Kessel, John's Moment-Universe (ncsu.edu)
"This is my home page, the management of which I have recently taken over. It contains some fiction, non-fiction, photos, reviews, news and links." (John Kessell) [added Oct 2001]
Kurtz, Katherine: Deryni Destination (deryni.net)
"The Deryni Destination site has been up and running since [Sep 1999]. It's the Official site for Katherine Kurtz. There are also pages for Deborah Turner-Harris and Scott McMillian located there." (Carolyn White-Shilts) [added Oct 2001]

Authors M: Added links.

McKenna, Juliet E.: The Einarinn Website (pipex.com)
"Here you will find answers to some of your questions, Information about me, my published and forthcoming books, Interviews, reviews and me just having my say on things, How to ask me new questions." (Juliet E. McKenna) [added Oct 2001]
Miéville, China: Runagate Rampant (netfirms.com)
"The unofficial home page of China Mieville, Weird Fiction author." (Goblin Black) [added Oct 2001]

Authors O: Added links.

Orchard, Kerry (kerryorchard.com)
"Website for fantasy author Kerry Orchard. Read excerpts from her latest novel and ongoing works and poetry. Site also has links to several fantasy and miscellaneous sites... Author of The Thoughtmaster's Conduit." (Kerry Orchard) [added Oct 2001]

Authors P: Added links.

Popek, S. Joan's Author Page (sjoanpopek.com)
"Author of Eppie 2000 award winning The Administrator, an eclectic collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror from The Fiction Works." (S. Joan Popek) [added Oct 2001]

Writers Resources: Added links.

Preditors and Editors (sfwa.org)
"A guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers." ... "For Preditors & Editors to be successful as a writer's resource, it must remain faithful to listing only publishers, magazines, editing services, other writing resources, and literary and film agents." ... "Preditors & Editors is actively managed on a weekly basis." They mean it, too. When I checked their website, their "What's New" page had 28 new entries just for "Agents," none more than five weeks old. I found this website after doing a Google (google.com) search for "Sterling House." Under 'S' in this website's Book Publisher Listings (sfwa.org) it said "Sterling House: a wholly owned subsidy press belonging to Cynthia Sterling. Not recommended." For this feature alone - their list of vanity and regular publishers - I recommend their site to any writer who wants to get published, or anyone who wants to figure out if an editor has looked at an author's output. (Did I ever tell you guys about the self-published book I received that was only printed on the right-hand pages?) I do wish that they'd cross-reference "subsidy press" under 'S' (and not just list it under 'C') on their "Definitions" page, though. [added Oct 2001]

11 October 2001

Authors A: Added links.

Anthony, Piers, The Compleat (piers-anthony.com)
"The Compleat Piers Anthony is one fan's dedication to the literary works of popular science fiction and fantasy author Piers Anthony." (Daniel Reitz) [added Oct 2001]
Asher, Neal (lineone.net)
"My first book has just been published by Pan Macmillan [as of Apr 2001] and there are more to follow." (Neal Asher) [added Oct 2001]

Authors A: Added links.

Beckett, Terri's Home Page (ndirect.co.uk)
"This site introduces visitors to the author, and provides a sample from her book Tribute Trial (co-authored with Christine Power), as well as a discussion group dedicated to the potline, and links to the publisher." (Patrick Beckett) [added Oct 2001]

Authors C: Added links.

Chetwin, Grace: Feral Press, Inc. (feralpressinc.com)
"she is the author of the Atheling put out by Tor books... She has written the next book in the series, The Orborgon, and it is due to be released by the end of [1999]." (Mary) [added Oct 2001]
Clarke, Arthur C., Unauthorized Homepage (usp.br)
"Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most celebrated science fiction authors of our time. He is the author of more than sixty books with more than 50 million copies in print, winner of all the field's highest honors." Has biography, bibliography, filmography, news, "where to buy" and "more information (interviews, ACC prizes)"." Also home to The Arthur C. Clarke Internet Fan Club Homepage (usp.br). Web page "Created February 1st., 1995 - Last updated July 18th., 2000." (Reinaldo Bianchi) [added Oct 2001]
Clay, Cynthia Joyce: Bardic Essentials, Grammer, Scholarship, and Stories (prodigy.net)
"This index contains links to sample chapters of my books, places to buy the books, some articles on my interests, and free grammar information with exercises and answer keys." (Cynthia Joyce Clay) [added Oct 2001]

Authors D: Added links.

Disch, Thomas M.: Schroedinger's Cake (freeserver.co.uk)
"features discussion of Thomas M. Disch's work, and detailed bibliographies for his fiction, non-fiction, poetry, miscellaneous, and links to Tom Disch's work on the web." (Matthew Davis) [added Oct 2001]

Authors F: Added links.

Fellows, Anthony B. (50megs.com)
"Personal web site, containing biographical data on the author, excerpts and background data from his novel Tamarlayn." (Anthony B. Fellows) [added Oct 2001]
Flint, Eric (ericflint.net)
"Hi. I'm Eric Flint, a writer of science fiction and fantasy. This web page was set up for those people who might be interested in finding out more about my work than they can obtain from book covers or blurbs." Contains bibliography, editing projects, biography, info on work in progress, appearances, and other odds and ends. (Miranda Reed, Janet L. Dailey) [added Oct 2001]

10 October 2001

Medals We've Been Awarded/Things That Make Me Cranky: Added more awards.

In November 1997, "Personal Connections" (pconnections.net) featured us as their "site of the day" and reported that "it attracted a higher amount of click throughs than any of our featured sites" that month. In January 1999, we received a "New Edge" (newedge.com) site award, and in October 1999, we appeared on Web-Star.com's "Six Pack To Go." Sadly, all of these websites are now defunct (or have sold their domain names) and I didn't save the award gifs for the gallery below. [added Oct 2001]

Authors W: Added links.

Williams, Conrad (poba.co.uk)
"British horror author. Excerpts from novels plus some of his short fiction on-line, along with details of influences." (Sandals) [added Oct 2001]

Fannish Home Pages: Added links.

Avi's Spiffy Homepage (finkel.org)
(Avi) [reinstated 10-Oct-2001]

Music, Radio, Misc. Audio: Added links.

GaFiA - Georgia Filkers Anonymous, The Official Page (geocities.com)
"filking has returned to the south." (Michael Liebmann) [Added Oct 2001]

09 October 2001

Archives and Resource Pages: Added links.

Archimedes Institute, The (permanent.com)
"The Archimedes Institute conducts sophisticated analysis of aerospace policy issues and implements related private policy initiatives such as claim registration, lien filings, and international treaty revision. The Institute provides through its web site an extensive library of space law and policy documents, including international agreements, domestic legislation, reports, academic monographs, and a substantial bibliography of aerospace resources. The Institute also maintains a forum for space policy issues and over 200 links to other space policy, media and business entities. If you have any questions concerning the Institute, its mission or any aspect of space law or policy, please contact us." When I first looked at this website in 1998, they had an all-graphics interface. They still don't have all their "ALT" tags, but it's navigable w/o graphics. (Lawrence Roberts) [Added Oct 2001]

Authors L: Added links.

Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site (drzeus.net)
"For those who have no idea about C. S. Lewis and his work, and are just looking for a fun site, there is plenty to investigate and enjoy right here, and what you find here may well lead you into years of enjoyable reading as you discover the existence of one of the finest writers of this [20th] century, and find out about his books." (John Visser) [Reinstated Oct 2001]

Convention Reports: Added links.

Corflu Sunsplash '99 (geocities.com)
"Corflu Sunsplash has come and gone. It was not an overly large Corflu. In fact it was more like a private Corflu. Only the Elite showed up. We had such BNF's as rich brown, Ted White, Frank Lunney, Don Fitch, Goerge Flynn, Art Widner, Joyce and Arnie Katz, Andy Hooper, Carrie Root, Ken Foreman, John Hardin, Hope Leibowitz, Joe Siclari and Eddy Stern. There was alot of good food and alot of fellowship. I do not remember the whole program because I was too caught up in all who were there! I was about as excited as a neofan could get!" (Shelby Vick) [Added Oct 2001]

Fiction: Added links.

Loyd Boldman: Pig Iron (pigiron.com)
"Pig Iron originally went on the web in June of 1995, but was caught in a temporal disruption vortex until recently. The new, improved Pig Iron updates as often as Loyd manages to crawl out from the wreckage, about once every Jovian chronocycle. But don't hold him to it." (Loyd Boldman) [Added Oct 2001]

Serial Fiction: Added links.

Schneider, Alfred: The Journals of Chaos V (chaos5.com)
"In a far, far distant galaxy lies the unstable Planet Chaos, serving as a penal colony for the dregs and outcasts of the Universe, much as the continent of Australia once served merry old England. In the struggle between the forces of Order and Chaos, Order has for long held the upper hand and used it to rid Earth and other worlds of evil vermin. The recently discovered Journals of Chaos tell of the struggles of the exiles and the power growing within their ranks. In particular, the Council of Chaos is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Currently the word being sent back from outer space is: Beware of Merlor, High Lord of Chaos!" (Alfred Schneider, Ben Jones) [Added Oct 2001]
Doohan, Brian: Generisis (internettrash.com)
Has two serial stories, "The Golden Dawn" and "Black Helicopters." But I can't figure out how to find Chapter 1 of either one. Golden Dawn was supposed to be a "biweekly serial novel of occult adventures c. 1899, featuring Aleister Crowley, Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Jarry, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats and many, many more." (Brian Doohan) [Added Oct 2001]

07 October 2001

Fandom - Societies, clubs, etc., and archives: Added links.

Avana Society (avana.hu)
"Webpage of the hungarian science-fiction society. It founded in 1997, the name of the society is came from the novel of Peter Zsoldos ("Tavoli Tuz", it means Distant Fire). He was a well-known hungarian SF writer, died in 1997. Our goals: aid the amateur SF artists and make a virtual information centre on the net. We maintaining SciFi.hu (scifi.hu) portal and editing a weekly newsletter. We founded in 1998 an award for professional hungarian writers." (Michaleczky Peter) [added Oct 2001]
Bay Area Science Fiction Association (basfa.org)
"San Francisco Bay Area group of fans that meets every Monday night in a pizza parlor in San Jose, California. Organization is unstructured and encourages people to drop in to socialize. Includes overlap with lots of different local fan groups, including BayCon and Worldcon runners." (Paul Israel) [added Oct 2001]
Science Fiction Group of Palm Beach County (gopbi.com)
"The Science Fiction Group of Palm Beach County is a Palm Beach County, FL club where you can discuss your favorite sf topics with other fans... We're just starting out [as of June 2001] and we can use all the publicity we can get to reach other fans in our area." (Laura Michaels) [added Oct 2001]

06 October 2001

Authors P: Added links.

Jerry Pournelle's web site (jerrypournelle.com)
Updated regularly. [added Oct 2001]

28 September 2001

Medals We've Been Awarded/Things That Make Me Cranky: Updated and added material.

Of late, I've been using Opera (opera.com) as my browser of choice. It's fast, it's free (they have a free version with a not-too-obtrusive banner ad at the top, and a paid option which removes 'em), and you can very easily turn on/off graphics loading, increase/decrease the font sizes and images, and so forth. I can get the best of both worlds - I can look at your page as a graphic site, and I can hit 'g' and see if you've got your ALT tags in place. [Updated Sep 2001]

Screen Overflow. Did you know that I usually keep my browser window at about 400 to 500 pixels wide when I'm updating the Science Fiction Resource Guide? Not because I have a tiny screen (although there are still people out there using straight VGA, for example the lower-end laptops), but because I have a lot going on here. (In fact when I wrote this, I had two command-line windows open, plus the text editor for this file, a telnet session visible, Winamp (winamp.com), e-mail, and my browser. 2x1024x768 fills up in a hurry.) Almost any webmaster that tells me I need to "maximize my browser window" has delusions of grandeur.

There are plenty of websites - I even saw a Worldcon (worldcon.org) website like this - that have a massively wide "banner" at the top of the screen, and you have to use the left/right scroll bar just to read an entire paragraph. (What really takes the cake is when they've disabled the scroll bars in a frame, and then you can't get to the entire contents of the frame.) Anyhow, usually if you have a left/right scroll bar situation on the screen, it means that if you go and print out the page there will be pieces of the text missing. [Added Sep 2001]

Added [Lynx Inspected] (delorie.com)

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