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Art and Artists

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* "I'm a published author/artist and I want my own home page. Can I get one for free?"

Stolen Artwork Reports

$5,000 REWARD - Please help find these stolen paintings (paravia.com). Original artwork by Don Maitz and Janny Wurts. (Jeff Watson)

Kelly Freas Artwork Stolen (asfa-art.org) These paintings were stolen in Los Angeles on 27-Aug-1997, from the trunk of a rental car. (Kelly Freas Studio) [Updated Nov 2001]

Science Fiction Art resources on the Net

If the site features several or many artists, we list it here.
Art on the Net (art.net)
Has home pages or "Studios" for 70+ visual artists, and more goodies. (Lile Elam)
Dreams Studio (dreamsstudio.com)
"All the graphics you can find here are free: you can use them in your programs, webpage or any software you like as long as you respect the restrictions which apply in the copyright agreement. Primarly DS is an on-line source of illustrations... At the moment the Free Archives include: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror/Mystery, Spy/Crime, Romance, Nature, Miscellaneous, and Black'n'White." (Claudio)
Fantasia Futuristic Classics (fantasiaonline.com)
A graphics-heavy site with exhibitions of ten artists (so far). Has about ten to twelve images per artist. If you've got a graphical browser, it's content-rich. Some of them are available for sale as high quality (high priced) limited edition prints. (Tobias Russell)
Novagraphics Space Art Gallery (novaspace.com)
David A. Hardy of the IAAA says "This is a major site for several space/SF artists, many of whom are members of the IAAA."
Slawek's SF Art Guide (interstat.net)
"...the most comprehensive directory of SF/Fantasy/Space/Surreal artists on the Web..." (Slawek Wojtowicz)
Tau Ceti Science Fiction Art Gallery (dragon-tree.com)
"Tau Ceti Science Fiction Art Gallery is a place for aspiring and established science fiction and fantasy artists to showcase their work. Come within, wander around, and check us out. We are looking for talented artists to contribute and make this a fun place to visit. It's non-profit, and FREE to contributors and looky-loos alike. So, if you have some art you would like to show off, we want to hear from you." (Molly Barr)

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