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Science Fiction Artists

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* "I'm a published author/artist and I want my own home page. Can I get one for free?"

Aldridge, Ray: The Stromlidt Museum (goodpots.com)
"I suppose you might list it under art, because of the sf stained glass, but its real function is as a literary conceit. You might list it under fiction, because one of my F&SF stories is attached to the site, and I'm adding my Nebula finalist novella from a couple years back. There's even stuff for sale, though it's not seriously meant, I'm afraid. I guess I'll have to leave it up to you." (Ray Aldridge) [Updated Oct 2001]
The Fantastic Art of Randy Asplund-Faith (randyasplund.com)
"This site includes book, game, magazine, model kit covers and game cards for such subjects as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, Magic: The Gathering, Battletech, Middle earth, and more... The site also includes an educational area about medieval calligraphy and manuscript illumination." Okay, that's not a combination you see every day, until you stop and realize how many festies, scadians, and faire folk are fen.. (Randy Asplund-Faith)
George Barr: The Enchanted Thingamajig (fortunecity.com)
"Of all the hundreds of images in George Barr's thirty-five years of illustrating, The Enchanted Thingamajig is perhaps the most memorable. In a number of variations, it always involves a little alien mesmerized by a glowing, jeweled doohicky of one kind or another." (Cora Healy)
Molly Barr: Dragon Tree Computer Art (dragon-tree.com)
The first two images listed are "The Floating Cities of Venus" and "Jupiter Shuttle". Despite the fantasy-sounding name, she's definitely doing outer space stuff... (Molly Barr)
Chesley Bonestell Interactive Art Gallery (bonestellgallery.com)
"The name Chesley Bonestell is recognized by those in the fields of architecture, motion picture illustration, or astronomical art for he excelled in each of these areas."
(Kathryn Humm) [Updated Oct 2001]
Chesley Bonestell Archives (bonestell.com)
"The Chesley Bonestell Archives represents the world's single largest collection of publications containing space illustrations by the "Dean of Astronomical Artists," Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986). Assembled, owned and maintained by the respected Bonestell researcher and author, Melvin H. Schuetz, the Archives preserves the historical record of published Bonestell space art, from its beginnings in 1944 to the present day." (Melvin H. Schuetz)
Kev Brockschmidt: Kev's Cartoons and Humorous Illustrations (kevscartoons.com)
"Online portfolio and business site of cartoonist and illustrator Kev Brockschmidt." The science fictional content is somewhat thin on the ground; he does have a few SF-related Christmas Cards (a UFO abducting Santa, and so forth) and some stefnal gags in his other panels. (Kev Brockschmidt)
George Cairns: Digitations (luton.ac.uk)
"This web-site is about in computers and creativity. Here you'll find some of my Science Fiction computer generated artwork and animations. You'll also find tutorials on how certain images were created... The site also features images and animations inspired by SF books like Stephen Palmer's Memory Seed and Stephen Baxter's Time Ships." (George Cairns) [Updated Oct 2001]
Alex Clarke: Vajra - Speculative Art (ozi.com)
"The vajra is an ancient symbol of primal energy and consciousness - the transformative, creative spark in matter and mind alike." Mostly fantasy art, including the obligatory unconvincingly-clad barbarian, but also a nifty portrait of a digeridu player suitable for use as a concert poster. And he's not afraid to use digital effects (as opposed to striving to make it look just as if he'd used pen and brush). (Alex Clarke)
Surreal Fantasy Art by Cusimano (cusimano.com)
"Surreal fantasy art by metaphysical surrealist artist Joseph Cusimano." What really makes this site interesting (apart from the immense content) is the "visual glossary" explaining the language of the symbols used in his paintings. For example, an aqueduct symbolizes the passage of time. Not terribly science fictional - the "fantasy" in this case refers to surrealism, as opposed to wizards and godlings - but how often do you get to learn a new unspoken language? (David Cusimano)
Bonnie Dalzell (clark.net)
"I did a bit of SF illustration in the 70's and early 80's. I have a home page with a few of my illustrations. Due to my background in anatomy, and paleontology I did a lot of 'convincingly realistic' fantasy animals. I have not put much of my inventory up because I am nervous about it being ripped off. However the thumbnail approach may be the best way. I have started to get involved in computer art..." (Bonnie Dalzell)
Michael Dashow: Your Walrus Hurt the One You Love (wavi.com)
"Hi! I've been doing a lot of work on the Tachyon Publications web site lately. I illustrate and design most of Tachyon's book covers - you can see some of the art throughout this site..." Has book covers, some cartoon characters, character studies of video game characters - an interesting site, in this maintainer's opinion. (Michael Dashow)
Sue Dawe (inetworld.net)
(Sue Dawe)
David Deen's Art Studio (wustl.edu)
"Science fiction and fantasy artwork, illustration, and graphics design." Be sure to check out "Late Night at the Depot." (Robin Dowell-Deen)
Katherine Dewey: Elvenwork (elvenwork.com)
"Elvenwork is the trade name for the individual direct sculptures artist Katherine Dewey has been producing for nearly 25 years. Her medium is polymer clay, with which she creates fanciful, exquisitely detailed sculptures of elves, fairies, and gnomes of every description. The six to eight-inch figures are so finely detailed, they maintain their qualities even when viewed through jeweler's lenses. They ought to! That is exactly what she wears while creating each piece with an assortment of dental and detailing tools." (Katherine Dewey, Leo Dewey)
Amazing Artists: Leo and Diane Dillon (best.com)
"They've been illustrating since the 1950's... They work in a variety of techniques (Japanese ukio to paper marbling), with a variety of materials (from wood to plastic), with a variety of content (from cookbooks to mysteries), and always with a variety of cultures." If you want to actually see samples of their artwork, go to their "Links" page. (Rodrigo Torres)
Craig Figley's Home Page (plix.com)
"I have been an educator for 20 years in the rural byways of eastern Washington, and an illustrator of science fiction and fantasy subjects for much longer. Raised in the tradition of 50's pulp science-fiction movies and television and mesmerized by the U.S. Space Program, immersed in the imaginative musings of the great SF writers of the Golden Age, I have taken to spinning off images that share a central, unifying theme: that in infinite time, in infinite space, anything is possible. That these images should find their way to the Internet is the culmination of a lifelong dream...that of giving back to culture something of the sense of awe and mystery that beguiled this child of the 1950's and continues to do so today." (Craig Figley)
Fantasy Illustration by John Grigni (rr.com)
"Welcome to a sampling of my illustration work. I've been doing illustration for the Gaming Industry for a couple of years now, but I've always had a preference for Science Fiction and Fantasy... I am an amateur illustrator, according to the original meaning of the word. That is, someone who does something simply because they love doing it. Most of these illustrations are from storys in my head or from role-playing games." He draws better than he spells, don't let the typos throw you off. Both color and black and white works are shown. (John Grigni)
David A. Hardy's Astro Art Pages (astroart.org)
"space art, SF, and photos of alien places on our planet, plus a surprise or two..." (David A. Hardy)
The Art of Richard Hescox (richardhescox.com)
A gallery of the fine art and illustrative works of Science Fiction and Fantasy artist Richard Hescox. "Richard Hescox's work spans both the areas of Fine Art and Illustration, creating beautiful and memorable images imbued with a touch of the fantastic." (Richard Hescox)
Otherworlds (ihug.co.nz) - G. Howell's home page
"I've got a home page with a selection of science fiction and furry stories on it as well as science fiction and fantasy illustrations I've done." (G. Howell)
B.J. Johnson: Bigfella Machine (bigfella.com)
"I've got a page of science fiction art, and an online science fiction comic titled "The Maze" which I've just started... In all honesty I'd rate the content PG-13, due to naturalistic language and a high level of violence, so small children and those with sensitive dispositions should be aware... Please note: these pages are a tad large, and may take a little time to download. Please be patient." (B.J. Johnson)
Wood Sculpture of Donna Kaunike (geocities.com)
"I sculpt wood using only hand tools in the tradition of pre-industrial artists... I've worked with oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry, pine, and basswood... I draw my inspiration from history, mythology, science-fiction, and fantasy. Lately my subjects have been getting increasingly surreal... My work has been exhibited in local science-fiction conventions..." (Donna Kaunike)
Karl Kofoed: Galactic Geographic (home.net)
"Artist Karl Kofoed explores new worlds from an imaginary magazine from a thousand years in the future, the Galactic geographic. The site features stories and images with enlarged details."
(Karl Kofoed)
Rick Lieder (dreampool.com)
(Rick Lieder) [Updated Oct 2001]
Space Station Homeless (earthlink.net): John Marshall
(John Marshall)
David Michalczyk - SF, Fantasy and Space art (cybercity.dk)
"On this site you willl find some of my best illustrations, information on how I create them, a bit about me and some art related links. Furthermore, I have created a Frequently Asked Questions (faq) section for all of you who are curious on how I get things done... Although all of my images presented on these pages have been created digitally, I really do enjoy making pencil drawings as well. Professionally, I'm currently working on an adventure game called The Longest Journey..." (David Michalczyk)
Black Cat Studios: Ron Miller (crosslink.net)
Astronomical Art, Space Art, Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustration, Science Fiction Movies, Comic Books
(Ron Miller)
Barry Munden: Spanish Castle Graphics (spanishcastle.com)
"Is there room on your list of links for one more artist? I am a freelance illustrator and invite you to visit my gallery of sf/fantasy illustration. You'll want the latest version of the Shockwave plug-in and a BIG browser window for maximum effect, but it's not required." (Barry Munden) [Updated Oct 2001]
The Art of Alan Rabinowitz (artwerk.org)
Lots of big pictures, looks like it's all fantasy - knights and 8-armed goddesses and so forth. Not recommended for slow graphical connections, as he doesn't use thumbnails. (Alan Rabinowitz)
Dennis Reinhardt: 3D Adventure Wallpaper and Greeting Cards (dair.com)
"3D Adventure features high quality 3D rendered illustrations almost every week since Dec. 1995. There are over 120 pictures now online illustrating the story of a mind-linked ant race that sees things quite differently than the vision-driven race with whom they have joined forces to cross the galactic divide before any other races on the other side do so... The 3D Adventure story artwork is also available as wallpaper download in 4 different resolutions (640, 800, 1024, 1280) and some may be used to decorate online greeting cards..." (Dennis Reinhardt)
Mario Rosanda Ros: Ros Designe (carnet.hr)
"His front-covers in colour and his black&white illustrations were published in several SF-Magazines, such as: SIRIUS, ALEF, STRIPBURGER. He also did some stuff for the German market. Recently he has been working on SF-books front-cover illustrations for IZVORI, a publishing house in Zagreb. His work has been represented through many art-exhibitions, which includes his first individual exhibition of illustration in Pula, 1996." (Mario Rosanda Ros) [Updated Oct 2001]
Above The Blue Horizon: Edward Rowles (starships.com)
"...multimedia computer graphic web site dedicate to spaceships, starships and ufos in art, science and literature. Features Shockwave Animation, QuickTime Movies, QuickTime VR Panoramas, and over 90 classic Spaceship art prints." Mostly 50's-style art. Crashes some browsers. (Ed Rowles) [Updated Oct 2001]
Robert Sankner (geocities.com)
(Robert Sankner)
Clark Ashton Smith: The Eldritch Dark (eldritchdark.com)
"Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) is best known today for his association with H.P Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. However, his work that relates to the mythos is a small proportion of his output. Clark Ashton Smith thought of him self primarily as a poet and wrote over 500 poems and prose poems... His vivid imagination along with ironic sense of humour set him apart from his contemporaries in the pulps. Smith was also a self-taught artist whose paintings, drawings and sculptures reflect the fantastic worlds of his fiction." (Boyd Pearson)
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's site (borisjulie.com)
"where the artists themselves are selling originals." [Updated Oct 2001]
Peter Vinton Jr.: Pendragon Dream Factory (geocities.com)
"My work has appeared in several issues of Aberrations magazine, and I have designed recruitment posters and logos for various law enforcement agencies. I have rendered architectural drawings.. and [Fall 1997] one of my paintings [was] the featured cover of Lost Worlds magazine." Some of his fantasy work is featured on the page, as well as a few of those logos and other commercial work. (Peter Vinton Jr.)
Slawek Wojtowicz's Art Gallery (interstat.net)
(Slawek Wojtowicz)

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