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* See also the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a page listed here.
* "I'm a published author/artist and I want my own home page. Can I get one for free?"

Multiple-author Resource Guides

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (catch22.com)
(Espana Sheriff)
Author Web (dingir.org)
"Ever since the first proto-humans managed to attach meaning to some of their grunts, we have been story-tellers. We at the Last Exit to Babylon, in the spirit of the first scribes who ever set stylus to clay, bring to you this archive of our favorite authors. It's fully searchable, and ever changing as we add more and more links." [As of Oct 2001, they have a graphical interface with an image map for author initials A-Z. If you don't have graphics turned on (or don't have a mouse), you can see if your favorite author is there by using their search form.] (Corwin) [Updated Oct 2001]
Eidolon SF Online: Australian Science Fiction Authors (eidolon.net)
"Bibliographic and biographical detail on Australian genre writers." [Updated Oct 2001]
Greyware Authors (sff.net)
"Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Authors, brought to you by the authors themselves." They offer free Home Pages to SFWA and HWA members. [444 listings as of Oct 2001] (Jeffry Dwight)
The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase (sfsite.com)
"The ISFDB contains over 12000 author bibliographies, based on roughly 10000 novel entries and more than 36000 short fiction entries. It can display the content listings of more than 3800 magazines (with complete runs of Asimov's, Analog, Interzone, Science Fiction Age, and many others), has an extensive list of forthcoming books, nearly 15000 award entries (including the Aurora, British Fantasy Awards, Campell, Clarke, Hugos, Lambda, Locus Poll, Mythopoeic, Nebulas, P. K. Dick, Prometheus, SFBC, SF Chronicle, Tiptree, Hall of Fame, HOMer, and WFA awards), and has a series of top 100 lists based on award information." (Al von Ruff)
JCG Interviews (infinityplus.co.uk)
Interviews by Jon Courtenay Grimwood with Douglas Coupland, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Gentry Lee, and Ed Regis. [That darned animated rainbow line on his index page keeps getting in the way of my download, but the interviews themselves are animation-free.] Nice reading; they were originally published in UK newspapers. (Jon Courtenay Grimwood)
Mark/Space Anachron Library: Cyberpunk Authors (euro.net) and Science Fiction Authors. (euro.net)
Don't ask me why Cyberpunk is a separate category from science fiction - you'll just have to check both lists. Most of the content for a particular author consists of bibliographies, with (other reviewers') reviews of the books, and links to related sites. All they need now is a search engine to look up authors so you don't have to guess which category they might be in... (H.W. Targowski)
Jean-Jacques Girardot's SF Auteurs (emse.fr)
"a collective list of authors (about 100 for now), mainly french and american." [296 listings as of Oct 2001] (Jean-Jacques Girardot)
SF Site: Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Links (sfsite.com)
The page has a lot of author links. You can't easily tell which fan page is which (no descriptions given), but at least the fan pages are separated from the authors' own. (I don't know what definition they use, though; they list Tad Williams (tadwilliams.com) as a Tribute Page, but Emma Bull (player.org) as an Author Page.) While I don't agree with having 27 different little graphics just to use as A-Z links, the page has a lot to offer. If you're impatient, turn off graphics; the page is chockfull of content, and worth a visit. (John O'Neill)
Spacelight: Science Fiction and Fantasy Obituaries (tripod.com)
"This site is designed primarily for the SF&F researcher to quickly find an obituary that is not readily or easily available. Friends, fans, loved ones, and the passing curious are certainly invited to use and participate in a positive manner in this site. Anyone wishing to volunteer a name, date, photograph for scanning, etc will certainly be of help... This is not a site for my efforts at bibliography, since others do that better, but I'll be glad to link to those sites if aware of them. My primary concern is with vital statistics. If you have something to add, and are unable to scan information to me, please xerox obituaries and mail them..." (George C Willick)

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