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Authors C

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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Cadigan, Pat (wmin.ac.uk)
(Chris Fowler) [Updated Oct 2001]
Carroll, Jonathon: Home Page (emse.fr)
(Jean-Jacques Girardot)
Carroll, Jonathon: (sff.net) The Unofficial Biopage
(Glen Engel-Cox)
Carver, Jeffrey A., Science Fiction Worlds of (starrigger.net)
"Bibliography, descriptions and reviews of books, sample chapters, info on educational TV show, biography, and personal commentary from author Jeffrey A. Carver." (Jeffrey A. Carver)
Carter, Angela: Burning Your Boats (eclipse.co.uk)
Contents of a nearly-complete short story collection, with capsule summaries of each story. (Ian Davey)
Carter, Raphael's Home Page (chaparraltree.com)
"The Fortunate Fall, my first novel, is now available from Tor Books." (Raphael Carter) [Updated Oct 2001]
Casil, Amy Sterling's SF Writing Page (aol.com)
"Short Fiction author, workshop leader, writing teacher, etc... A 1984 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop, Amy has been the moderator of the America Online Science Fiction Writers Workshop since 1994, along with her partner, Nick Neuro (D.G. McLean)." (Amy Sterling Casil) [Updated Oct 2001]
Cherryh, C.J., Home Page (cherryh.com)
A web page maintained and run by C. J. Cherryh.
[FTP] Cherry, C.J.: archive (tcd.ie)
Small archive of fan material relating to Cherryh's Merchanter/Union future history. Mostly pictures and RPG-oriented material, but includes a [FTP]timeline (tcd.ie).
Cherryh, C.J.: Meetpoint Station. (perrochon.com) [Formerly listed as "Compilation of things on C. J. Cherryh's Books"]
(Louis Perrochon) [Updated Oct 2001]
Chetwin, Grace: Feral Press, Inc. (feralpressinc.com)
"she is the author of the Atheling put out by Tor books... She has written the next book in the series, The Orborgon, and it is due to be released by the end of [1999]." (Mary) [added Oct 2001]
Clarke, Arthur C., Unauthorized Homepage (usp.br)
"Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most celebrated science fiction authors of our time. He is the author of more than sixty books with more than 50 million copies in print, winner of all the field's highest honors." Has biography, bibliography, filmography, news, "where to buy" and "more information (interviews, ACC prizes)"." Also home to The Arthur C. Clarke Internet Fan Club Homepage (usp.br). Web page "Created February 1st., 1995 - Last updated July 18th., 2000." (Reinaldo Bianchi) [added Oct 2001]
Clay, Cynthia Joyce: Bardic Essentials, Grammer, Scholarship, and Stories (prodigy.net)
"This index contains links to sample chapters of my books, places to buy the books, some articles on my interests, and free grammar information with exercises and answer keys." (Cynthia Joyce Clay) [added Oct 2001]
Clement, Hal, Official Home Page (harvard.edu)
"This is a page dedicated to the life and work of Hal Clement. It contains a complete bibliography, biography, photos, excerpts, and related links. This site is endorsed by Harry Stubbs, aka Hal Clement." (Tania Ruiz)
Clough, Brenda W. (sff.net)
"Brenda W. Clough's web page, including book excerpts, stories and articles, and photographs." (Brenda W. Clough)
Cole, Allan's Home Page (acole.com)
"I'm Allan Cole, probably best known for the Sten and Antero series..." [As of Oct 2001, my browser gets a Javascript error on his page: "Error: name: TypeError message: Attempted to call non-function: has undefined value: 'insertAdjacentHTML'"] (Allan Cole) [Updated Oct 2001]
Constantine, Storm, The Official Web Site: Dreams of Dark Angels (aol.com)
"Storm Constantine is one of the UK's premier fantasy writers. She has had twelve novels published to date, and numerous short stories. Her interests lie in the dark side of the genre, with all things gothic and bizarre. Storm is best known for her innovative and exotic vision exemplified in her first trilogy which introduced the hermaphroditic race of the Wraeththu..." (Yvan Cartwright) [Updated Oct 2001]
Cook, Glen, The Unofficial Home Page (xmission.com)
(Eric Herrmann)
Cook, Rick, The Books of (stanford.edu) fan page.
(Todd Richmond) [Updated Oct 2001]
Cooper, Louise, Home Page (usinternet.com)
Fan page at winternet.com. (Brian Landwehr) [Updated Oct 2001]
Côté, Denis (switchboard.com)
"I am a québécois (French Canadian living in Québec) novelist specialised in books for youth (teenagers and children). I write Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, adventure and mystery novels. I have published 28 books yet, all of them in french. But a lot of them have been translated into other languages (english, chinese, spanish...). Some have been adapted for TV." (Denis Cote) [added Oct 2001]

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