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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.

Gaiman, Neil: The Dreaming (holycow.com)
Gallagher, Dan: Paleobook (paleobook.com)
"Paleontological science fictions and non-fictions for teens and adults." (Dan Gallagher)
Gardiner, David's Home Page (virgin.net)
"home page of David Gardiner, author of SIRAT (published iUniverse, September 2000), a novel concerning the first emergence of electronic intelligence. Contains complete text download of the book plus reviews, plot summary, links to sales outlets and other short fiction by David Gardiner." (David Gardiner) [added Oct 2001]
Giambastiani, Kurt R.A. (sff.net)
"Homepage for Kurt R. A. Giambastiani. Includes personal history, bibliography, online fiction, and excerpts from upcoming novels." (Kurt R.A. Giambastiani) [added Oct 2001]
[FTP] Gibson, William: Agrippa (tamu.edu)
"In 1992, Gibson wrote a semi-autobiographical poem, Agrippa: a Book of the Dead, which was placed onto a computer disk. This disk was part of a limited release of special "reader" screens; the reader units themselves had etchings by Dennis Ashbaugh which were light-sensitive, and slowly changed from one form to another when exposed to light. Also, the text of the poem, when read, was erased from the disk - it could only be read once. Naturally (some would say according to Gibson's plan), someone got hold of the text of Agrippa and uploaded it to the Internet." There's an alternate source for Agrippa (eserver.org) at the English Server (eserver.org).
Gibson, William: Aliens 3 script (umich.edu)
The famous script that wasn't used. "I've had my hands on a copy of William Gibson's original script for Alien 3 for quite awhile now and it seems like a good time to contribute a synopsis which may explain a few things. I've been very careful in preparing the synopsis to include as much detail as is possible, including direct quotes, and still remain within the bounds of the fair-use doctrine and copyright laws." ... "I've completed the conversion of the full draft to HTML." (Steve Copold, Nathan Hughes, friday jones) [Updated Oct 2001]
[gopher] Gibson, William: interview (eserver.org)
(Marisa Golini)
[gopher] Gibson, William, and Maddox, Tom: interview (eserver.org)
(Darren Wershler-Henry)
Gibson, Wilson: Hardly the Center of the World - Vancouver in William Gibson's Winter Market (sfu.ca)
an article from Vancouver: Representing the Postmodern City. Paul Delany, ed. Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1994. (Paul Delany)
Gibson, Wilson, and Sterling, Bruce: The Difference Dictionary (sff.net)
A guide to The Difference Engine. "The Difference Engine is a sophisticated box of games and puzzles devised by benevolent tricksters Gibson and Sterling, a novel that generously rewards the reader interested enough to read beyond it. This Dictionary will not spoil your fun by revealing its surprises... The Dictionary may be consumed straight-up as an aperitif or Difference Engine appetizer. It may also be taken as needed while reading The Difference Engine, as a History Supplement. You can choose from the list of entries in the index, or you can search for a list of files that contain the words you're looking for. The search engine is simple, but, hey, it was free. After you've finished reading The Difference Engine, administer the remaining portion of the Dictionary as Dr. Gunn's Patented History Restorer." (Eileen Gunn)
Gibson, William's Neuromancer and Post-Modern Science Fiction (georgetown.edu)
(Martin Irvine)
Gibson, William: Virtual Lightheadedness (cam.org)
A review of William Gibson's science fiction novel "Virtual Light". (François Bertrand) [Updated Oct 2001]
Gier, Scott G.'s Genellan (genellan.com)
A web site all about this author's Genellan series of books.
Golden, Christopher (christophergolden.com)
"You want sneak previews of upcoming comics? You've got 'em. How about secrets revealed, questions answered, and maybe a couple of short stories you won't find anywhere else? Yeah. Those too. And of course, reviews of various Christopher Golden novels are also up and about. So come on in. Make yourself at home. And feel free to e-mail Christopher Golden at any time. Writing is a pretty solitary occupation, so he always appreciates comments from readers, and almost always responds." (Christopher Golden, Little Willow)
Gonzalez, J.F., The Cyber-haunt of (aol.com)
"The home-page of author J. F. Gonzalez, author of Clickers, Conversion, and Shapeshifter. Read novel excerpts, find out where you can buy his works, check out his bibliography, and learn other things you've every possibly wanted to now about this reclusive author." (J.F. Gonzalez) [added Oct 2001]
Goonan, Kathleen Ann's Home Page (goonan.com)
"Author of Queen City Jazz, The Bones of Time, Mississippi Blues (all Tor) and the forthcoming Crescent City Rhapsody (Avon). Short fiction, essays, reviews, photos, and links." (Kathleen Ann Goonan) Joseph Mansy)
Gould, Steven, and Mixon, Laura J.'s Home Page (thuntek.net)
(Laura J. Mixon)
Gribbin, John: Sussex Astronomy People (susx.ac.uk)
(John Gribbin)
Griffith, Nicola, Web Page (sff.net)
"...it has her bibliography, biographical pieces of writing, an up-to-date itinerary of her publicity appearances, etc. Also, scans of her covers and late breaking news about her." (Dave Slusher)
Gunn, Eileen: Imaginary Friends (sff.net)
An interesting home page, with a few graphics to jazz the place up, fragments of some of her stories, and other stuff including The Difference Dictionary (sff.net), a guide to Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine. (Eileen Gunn)

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