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Authors H

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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Haldeman, Joe's home page (earthlink.net)
[Updated Oct 2001]
Hamilton, Edmond, Virtual Library (tok2.com)
"Edmond Hamilton Virutal Library try to make Hamilton bibliography all over the world. Honorary Director is Jack Williamson. I want more Hamilton bibliographic information!" (Tamio Ito) [added Oct 2001]
Hammerschmitt, Marcus (cityinfonetz.de)
"Yes, I'm a published writer of sf and non-sf fiction. Yes, there still exist Germans who do that... Yes, most of the stuff on my homepage is in German." English version available. (Marcus Hammerschmitt)
Harper, Tara K. (tarakharper.com) Home Page
"Cover art, book blurbs, author bio, and advice, opinions, and answers about the industry." (Tara K. Harper) [Updated Oct 2001]
Heinlein, Robert, Home Page (nitrosyncretic.com)
(Jim Gifford)
Henderson, Jason (jasonhenderson.com)
"Author of Highlander: The Element of Fire; Incredible Hulk: Abominations; Iron Thane; Spawn of Loki and others." (Jason Henderson)
Herbert, Frank: Dune--Frequently Asked Questions (geocities.com)
"This is for people who have that question everyone has. These questions are common and have their respective answers posted here. This FAQ is the one posted on the alt.fan.dune newsgroup..." Dune book list, adventure game, Dune-based MUDs, soundtrack (Alan Schwartz)
Herbert, Frank: Usul's Homepage (usul.net)
"Usul's Homepage is dedicated to the works of Frank Herbert, primarily Dune. Also this site contains much on David Lynch's 1984 film adaptation of Herbert's original Dune book." (Stephan)
Frank Herbert: The World of Dune (duneworld.com)
"In an effort to breathe life back into the Dune Chronicles, I have tried to create the most complete Dune site available..." (Alex Dunkel (uiuc.edu)) [Updated Nov 2001]
Hickman, Tracy, Home Page (trhickman.com)
(Tracy Hickman)
Hodgell, P.C./Kencyr Page (argonet.co.uk) (Steve Clark) [Updated Oct 2001]
Hogan, James P., Home Page (jamesphogan.com)
(James P. Hogan) Alex Hogan)
Honigsberg, David (sff.net)
(David Honigsberg)
Holt, Tom: fan page (passagen.se)
"It all started some day last autumn, I was searching for any Tom Holt page on the web, and couldn't find a single one..." Biography, bibliography, similar writers, related links, news, filk, quotes. (Calle Aasman)
Howard, Robert E.: Short Story Bibliography (eclipse.co.uk)
"Robert E. Howard is well known as the inventor of Conan, as well as being the creator of the Sword and Sorcery Genre. He killed himself in 1936 at the age of thirty but still managed to write a hugh number of stories while he was alive, many were completed by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter amongst others after his death. Though Conan is his most famous creation, most of his best writing is found in his other tales, amongst them genuinely chilling stories like Worms of the Earth..." (Ian Davey)
Howard, Robert E. Archive (bigbadbarbarian.com)
"Robert E. Howard is the grandfather of sword and sorcery fiction. During the 1930's, Howard almost singlehandedly redefined the genre. His characters--Conan, Solomon Kane, King Kull, Black Turlough and others--lived and fought in colorful worlds where all men were mighty, all women beautiful, and all problems simple. Yet these characters had a realism to their motivations. Howard's writing style had about it a relentless grimness. It set sword and sorcery on a path away from the happily-ever-after, and toward the more dramatic, emotionally charged stories that are written even to this day. Lovers of fantasy have much to owe Robert E. Howard." (Steve Hogan (bigbadbarbarian.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
Huff, Tanya, A Tribute to (hickorytech.net)
"My site contain a biography, a complete list of all published works, descriptions and reviews of her novels, and other tidbits." (Lee Kirschman) [Updated Oct 2001]
Hughart, Barry's Master Li novels (rcls.org)
"A tribute site to Barry Hughart's World Fantasy award-winning Master Li Novels, which detail the adventures of Master Li and Number Ten Ox in a mythological ancient China. The site includes a tour of ancient Chinese Hell." I keep getting "Wave Error - Unable to start playing LA sound" on my browser, right before it crashes. (Jerry Kuntz) [added Oct 2001]
Huxley, Aldous: Soma Web (somaweb.org)

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