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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Macdonald, James D.: Madhouse Manor (sff.net)
(James D. Macdonald)
[gopher] Maddox, Tom: Locus articles (well.sf.ca.us)
Articles from the science fiction news magazine, mostly under the title "Reports from the Electronic Frontier".
Malzberg, Barry: Overlay: Malzberg the Gamesman (geocities.com)
"Barry N. Malzberg is a great writer. His fiction is not necessarily pleasant, certainly not soothing or predictable, and never upbeat. But life isn't necessarily any of these things. Malzberg's writing is dark and, at the same time, funny. Malzberg is able to manipulate dramatic tensions within his work expertly, often allowing the reader to experience deeply deluded, confused, paranoid, or crazy human beings by delving into their psychologies (and more often than not, their psychoses too)." (Alvaro Zinos-Amaro)
Martin, George R.R.: Dragonstone (bigpond.com)
Focusing mainly on on 'A Song of Ice and Fire.' (P.A. Gibbs)
May, Julian's Pliocene Saga (gayspermbank.com).
(Stewart Blandon)
Masterton, Graham: Nightmare Sagas (eclipse.co.uk)
"Graham Masterton is one of those horror authors you can't help admire, never really reaching superstar status yet continually capable of coming up with the goods, well crafted and highly readable novels which explore avenues of horror that are rarely done quite as well. His are novels of ancient demons brought alive in the present, with an ever present Lovecraftian aura that never threatens to overwhelm Masterton's own original voice. He has been writing horror novels since the seventies, rode the horror boom of the eighties without being badly burned and survives into the nighties as an author still brimming with ideas; whose novels are rarely failures, more often pure streaks of genius infest his endlessly dark realms. All of them are set in the here and now, though an occasional vision of the past will shine through, and Masterton has managed to interweave countless mythologies into his work without ever trying to force them into a single panthenon."
Matthews, Susan R. (sff.net) Home Page
(Maggie Nowakowska)
Mayer, Bob; McGuire, Bob; Doherty, Robert; Home Page (nettrends.com)
"Bob Mayer, author and writing instructor, also writes science fiction and special forces novels as Bob McGuire and Robert Doherty. With over a million books in print, he is published in seven countries." (Bob Mayer)
McCaffrey, Anne: Pern FAQ (swcp.com)
Book list, McCaffrey's reading order, chronology, references, subjects frequently discussed in the newsgroup alt.fan.pern, Pern-based MUDs. (Taki Kogoma)
McDonald, Ian (liu.se)
"Contains bibliography (both novels and short stories), reviews, an interview and a couple of articles." (Hans Persson)
McHugh, Maureen F. (en.com)
(Maureen F. McHugh)
McIntyre, Vonda N.'s Property Under Development on the Verge of the Information Superhighway (sff.net)
"Information about books by Vonda N. McIntyre; links to a biography by Eileen Gunn (which I like to think has few facts but much truth) and "The Adventure of the Field Theorem," my Sherlock Holmes story (in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hires Sherlock Holmes to investigate crop circles), from Sherlock Holmes In Orbit; signed bookplates and other freebies; "Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, General Useful Information, and Other Opinionated Comments," by Vonda N. McIntyre, in serial form." (Vonda N. McIntyre)
McKenna, Juliet E.: The Einarinn Website (pipex.com)
"Here you will find answers to some of your questions, Information about me, my published and forthcoming books, Interviews, reviews and me just having my say on things, How to ask me new questions." (Juliet E. McKenna) [added Oct 2001]
McKiernan, Dennis L.: The Halls of Mithgar - A Fan Site (ulen.com)
"A fan site dedicated to the Mithgarian fantasy works of author Dennis L. McKiernan. Includes: maps, artworks, timelines, glossary, and javascript trivia." (Neal Ulen)
McKiernan, Dennis L.: Enyclopedia Mithgar (geocities.com)
"...The original fanpage for bestselling author Dennis L McKieran's fantasy novels of Mithgar. Reviews, previews, summaries, stats, quotes, covers, maps, languages, and more!" (Aaron Markworth) [Updated Oct 2001]
McMullen, Sean (bdsonline.net) home page
"Sean McMullen is a science fiction author living in Melbourne. He has won the Australian Science Fiction Award 4 times twice for short fiction and twice for criticism. He also won the writing prize at the 43rd World Science Fiction Convention in 1985, and was nominated for America's Readercon Award in 1993. He has had three books and two dozen stories published in Australia, Britain and the USA, and jointly writes a twice-yearly column on Australian SF with Terry Dowling for the American trade magazine Locus. His articles on science and technology have appeared in such magazines as Australian Discovery and Directions in Government..." [Updated Oct 2001]
Michaels, Melisa C. (sff.net) Home Page.
Contains some complete short stories and poems. (Melisa C. Michaels)
Miéville, China: Runagate Rampant (netfirms.com)
"The unofficial home page of China Mieville, Weird Fiction author." (Goblin Black) [added Oct 2001]
Miller, Sasha (sff.net)
"Sasha Miller is the author of fantasy and historical novels, fantasy short stories, and a role playing game worldbook. A native of Oklahoma, she now lives in Colorado with her husband and two cats. Her latest fantasy novel is Ladylord, a 1996 Tor publication. She is a member of SFWA and of the Authors Guild. In addition to her work as a writer, Sasha is active in helping others learn how to write..." (Sasha Miller)
Miller, Steve, and Lee, Sharon: The Liaden Universe (korval.com)
(Steve Miller, Sharon Lee)
Mixon, Laura J., and Gould, Steven's Home Page (thuntek.net)
(Laura J. Mixon)
Moesta, Rebecca, and Anderson, Kevin J.: WordFire Inc. (wordfire.com)
(Catherine Ulatowski)
Moorcock, Michael Homepage (eclipse.co.uk)
"Born in London in 1939, Michael Moorcock has had an important influence in fantasy and science fiction since the '60's. He started out at the age of fifteen as editor of the Tarzan Adventures magazine, eventually being thrown off the magazine for trying to publish too much prose (it was supposed to be a comic strip magazine)..." (Ian Davey)
Moorcock, Michael: Stormbringer's Chaos Page (stormbringer.net)
"A page devoted to Michael Moorcock's fantasy anti-hero Elric of Melnibone with synopses and descriptions of all of the Elric stories and characters." (Scott Lindquist)
Moran, Daniel Keys Semi-Official Web Page (kithrup.com)
(Sean Eric Fagan, David Silberstein)
Morrow, James (sff.net) official web site
(Marlin May)
Morwood, Peter, and Duane, Diane: The Owl Springs Partnership (owlsprings.com)
(Their home page.)
Murphy, Christine W.: Science Fiction and Romance (aol.com)
"More than once when she was a little girl, Christine W. Murphy came to the conclusion she'd been dropped by an alien space craft and left to grow up in a small town in Minnesota. When would they notice she was missing and come back for her, she wanted to know. After graduating from Concordia College, only 20 miles away, she decided drastic action was called for and she joined the Navy to look for them. The Navy, in their infinite wisdom, sent her to Iceland, one of the few places in this world with more Lutherans per square foot than Minnesota. After serving in Florida, Iceland, and Virginia, she realized no one was coming for her and she decided to settle for domestic bliss." (Christine W. Murphy)
Murray, Will's page - Doc Savage: Arch Enemy of Evil (widenonline.com)
(Will Murray) [Updated Oct 2001]

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