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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Palmer, Stephen (stephenpalmer.net)
"This is the website of British SF author Stephen Palmer, including extracts from his novels, graphics, news, and more! (Including music.)" The entry page is all graphic images, so if you don't have graphics enabled you'll do a certain amount of blind jumping. The first few items are sample chapters and book reviews. There's some interesting stuff here if you go exploring, for example the 6th link (from the main page) takes you to "The Naming of Things: ".. You can hang alot of baggage on a name. A character called, say, Gothmorrog is likely to be a bit of a baddie, whereas Melliandra is more likely to be a sympathetic, 'goodie' sort of a character. Also, following many traditions, names ending in -a tend to belong to women. This is a tradition that is fun to subvert..." (Stephen Palmer) [Updated Oct 2001]
Peake, Mervyn, Fan Page (levity.com)
(Robert Daeley, Christopher D. Ritter)
Pickover, Clifford A.'s Home Page (pickover.com)
"My primary interest is finding new ways to continually expand creativity by melding art, science, mathematics and other seemingly-disparate areas of human endeavor. I seek not only to expand the mind, but to shatter it." It has lots of strange imagery, including the "Alien Image of the Week," and various puzzles and computer art. (Clifford A. Pickover) [Updated Oct 2001]
Pollotta, Nicholas, Home Page (nickpollotta.com)
"Nicholas Pollotta is a best selling novelist specializing in Science Fiction, and Military/Adventure. A former stand-up comic, inorganic chemist, high security courier and martial arts instructor, he currently resides in northern Illinois with his beautiful wife Melissa Pollotta, their joint collection of 14,000 books, and two slightly demented cats." "Site contains: sample chapters from forthcoming SF and Military novels, bibliography, links to writing resources, and downloadable files on How to write fiction, Submission tactics for fiction, and more." (Nicholas Pollotta) [Updated Oct 2001]
Popek, S. Joan's Author Page (sjoanpopek.com)
"Author of Eppie 2000 award winning The Administrator, an eclectic collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror from The Fiction Works." (S. Joan Popek) [added Oct 2001]
Porges, Arthur, Fan Site (fortunecity.co.uk)
"A fan tribute site to the SF author Arthur Porges, who was a very prolific contributor of short fiction to the SF magazines of the 50's and 60's. This site contains a bibliography and some thoughts on his work." (Richard Simms)
Pournelle, Jerry's web site (jerrypournelle.com)
Updated regularly. [added Oct 2001]
Pournelle, Jerry: Chronology of Jerry Pournelle's Future History (chronology.org)
"Jerry Pournelle is perhaps the science fiction author most devoted to history and politics. His Future History began, not as a series of stories which he later linked together, but as his projections of a possible future consistent with "valid principles" of sociology and politics. This led to a "future" which is perhaps more pessimistic than the classic SF futures of Heinlein, Asimov, and Niven. Yet within this context he writes of those who triumph past intimidating odds, struggling for the survival of the human race... My timeline of Pournelle's future history is both a chronicle of events and a chronicle of sociology. In particular, Jerry Pournelle's twenty-first century is full of political twists that no one could believe (unless he or she knew what the twentieth century had seen, of course)." (Larry King)
Powers, Tim: ML's Unofficial Tim Powers Web Page (acd.net)
"I have waited long enough for someone to give Tim Powers his proper due. Looking on the WWW, I can only find a few scattered reviews of the man who was nominated for the Nebula, received the Apollo Prix, the Wold Fantasy Award winner one year and nominee the next, and was twice granted he and Philip K. Dick Memorial Award. When science fiction, dark horror, or whatever you call the brilliance of Tim Powers works lands an author in the pages of Barlowe's Guide to Extra-Terrestrial, he should have at least a few unofficial web sites." (ML)
Powers, Tim: The Works Of (easynet.co.uk)
"This site is really the result of my investigations into the publishing history of the works of Tim Powers. If, like me, you are interested in collecting his various works, this site should prove an excellent resource in your search. If, on the other hand, you have only just discovered this wonderful author, this site will hopefully point you further down a road paved with some of the best science fiction and fantasy books you're ever likely to read." (John Berlyne)
Powers, Tim: The Anubis Gates (earthlink.net)
"A Fan Page for Tim Powers." (Ellen Endebrock)
Powers, Tim: Stranger Tides (netcom.com)
(Christopher Branch) [Updated Oct 2001]
Pratchett, Terry: The L-Space Web (lspace.org) and alt.fan.pratchett
"Confifting of that part of thee WORLDE WIDE WEBB which contains COMMENTARIES and EXPLICATIONS upon the MULTITUDINOUS WORKS of MISTER TERENCE PRATCHETT ESQUIRE, scribe of thysse parifh. AND also many JESTS and WITTICISMS contributed by thee GOOD FOLKE of that ASSEMBLY known as ALT.FAN.PRATCHETT." Contains a short biography, interviews, bibliography, annotations (lspace.org) (mostly for the benefit of Americans who need help with the UK humour), quotations, character descriptions, fan activities, signing tours, conventions, meets, alt.fan.pratchett, fanzines, clubs, books, t-shirts, china figures, FAQs (lspace.org), games, other resources, and more. (R.R.Collier)
Terry Pratchett: Discworld Monthly - WWW Edition (ufbs.co.uk)
A newsletter [formerly known as Discworld Review] about Terry Pratchett's Discworld and other books. (Jason Anthony) [Updated Oct 2001]
Terry Pratchett: Clarecraft Discworld Figures (clarecraft.co.uk)
They're selling little figures, and have photos of all of them on-line. "I don't need to tell you how full of descriptive detail [Terry Pratchett's] books are, or, how in a few sentences he can create a character that you feel you know. His prose bends the English language, twists it and curls it up a bit and in doing so, creates images which delight, amuse and remain in your mind. Trying to re-create that magic in bits of sculpture is, let me tell you, not easy. Everything we do is examined and approved by Terry (and everything is you know, right down to the last ruddy button). When he laughs and wants to take a piece home, then we know we've got it right and all those days we spent at Colchester Zoo observing their Orangoutan were worth it because it means that our skills as sculptors come close to his skill as a story teller." (Elton Murphy) [Updated Oct 2001]
Priest, Christopher (poba.co.uk) fan page.
Complete bibliography plus listings of awards and other media works. (Sandals) [Updated Oct 2001]

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