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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Salvatore, R.A.: WWW Page (sfsu.edu)
"My name is Corey Chandler. I've decided to make this World Wide Web page with as much information about R. A. Salvatore's works as possible. Why, you ask? Is it because I know R.A. Salvatore? Because I'm getting paid to do it? Because aliens have taken my pet rock hostage and this is what I need to do to get it back? Nope, Nope, and Nope. It's because I love R. A. Salvatore's works, and when I looked on the WWW for information on him, I didn't get any." (Corey Chandler (sfsu.edu))
Salvatore, R.A.: alt.fan.authors.r_a_salvatore (sfsu.edu) - The R. A. Salvatore Newsgroup
After a little work, I managed to get a new Usenet group created, alt.fan.authors.r_a_salvatore, all for the discussion of Mr. Salvatore and his works!" (Corey Chandler (sfsu.edu))
Sawyer, Robert J. (sfwriter.com)
"440,000 words / 330 documents / 4,900 hypertext links" (Robert J. Sawyer)
Schettler, John: Wild Zone (dharma6.com)
"Welcome to the doorstep of my on-line showcase for "Wild Zone," the first in a series of three linked science fiction novels... The site contains illustrated fiction from the novels and lavish background and briefing information." [It's got lots of animated graphics (at least four on the opening page), and it doesn't fit on my browser unless I maximize it to 1024 pizels wide. It uses tables, but doesn't rely on them, so the results are passable on a text-only browser... On the other hand, it has a goodish amount of information on the universe his stories are written in. So go figure...] (John Schettler)
Schmitz, James H.: Marlene Wilson's Page (mwilson.on.ca)
"J. H. Schmitz books and links, 'W of K' covers over the years, sf links... The stories of James H. Schmitz were largely published between l949 and 1973, in Science Fiction pulps like Astounding Science Fiction and Galaxy. James H. Schmitz always stormed through an exciting tale, never stopping to see if his readers had caught up. His elaborate and consistant galactic politics, technology, and assortment of aliens and monsters, paved the way for future SciFi writers with well-planned future history. For his time, or anyone else's, though, he was known for his strong characterization of females, and even the elderly, in rock 'em sock 'em action yarns." Also includes Mar's James H. Schmitz Stories Page (mwilson.on.ca) - J. H. Schmitz story chronology and republishing info, magazine covers. (Marlene Wilson)
Cyber-Seuss: The Great Glorious and Gandorious Dr. Seuss (afn.org)
"You are about to enter the world of Dr. Seuss. Keep in mind that Dr. Seuss was a genius, who did not only write his books for children. Under a lot of his books were morals that he was trying to get through to the adult who was reading the book, and at the same time instill them in the child as they grow."
William Shakespeare: The Complete Works (chemicool.com) mirror copy (mit.edu)
"Welcome to the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. The original electronic source for this server is the Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare, which is freely available online. There may be differences between a copy of a play that you happen to be familiar with and the one of this server: Don't worry, this is a very common phenomenon." Contains indexes by Comedy, History, Tragedy, and Poetry; Shakespeare discussion area, search engine, other Shakespeare resources on the Internet, chronological and alphabetical listings of plays, Frequently asked questions, Bartlett's familiar Shakespearean quotations, and more. "Shakespeare's plays are often arranged in three categories: tragedy, comedy, or history. I've included that arrangement here (along with a fourth column for poetry), based on the arrangement of the electronic Moby edition, but it is important to realize that the categories are not Shakespeare's... The arrangement of the plays into the three categories is a practice begun with the First Folio, which was printed in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare's death." (Jeremy Hylton) [Updated Oct 2001]
Shaw, Bob: The Enchanted Duplicator (rutgers.edu)
Classic fan fiction (with Walt Willis). Also available at UK Science Fiction Fandom Archives in Glasgow. (gla.ac.uk) Also available by [FTP]ftp (rutgers.edu).
Sherman, Dasvid: The Novels of (novelier.com) [Updated Sep 2001]
"So far I've had one SF novel (and 8 others) published. The SF book, and another I'm finishing up, is military SF. My co-author on the series is Dan Cragg... It's my site and I do the maintaining myself." (David Sherman)
Shetterly, Will's homepage (player.org)
(Nathan Bardsley)
Shirley, John: Home Page (darkecho.com)
"John Shirley has successfully written in a variety of venues: lyrics for his own music and Blue Oyster Cult; SF, fantasy and horror; and for television and screen. Often noted as "the godfather of cyberpunk" and an innovator in visceral horror, his work has influenced a generation of imaginative writers... As a screenwriter he is best known for discovering James O'Barr's comic The Crow and adapting it to the screen." [Updated Oct 2001]
Silva, Luís Filipe's Homepage on Science Fiction and Cultur:e The Age of the Mind: (geocities.com)
"I'm Luís Filipe Silva. I'm a Portuguese science fiction writer... If you belong to sf associations, if you have build a site that you consider unusual, or if you just have a passion for sf not written in English, I'd like to hear from you." (Luis Filipe Silva)
Silverberg, Robert, Unofficial Home Page (owmyhead.com)
"An exhaustive listing with commentary (in progress) of all works from short stories to novels, science fiction to non-fiction. Also biographical information, covert art, publication info, and thematic analysis." (Jon Davis) [Updated Oct 2001]
Simmons, Dan, Fan Page (levity.com)
(Robert Daeley, Christopher D. Ritter)
Slonczewski, Joan (uwaterloo.ca)
(Dave Switzer)
Smith, Clark Ashton, Bibliography (eclipse.co.uk)
"Clark Ashton Smith was another master from the Weird Tales era. As well as writing short stories at a prolific rate he was an artist and sculpture, several of his sculptures had a direct influence on Lovecraft's writings. He died in 1961 leaving several manuscripts and story ideas which were expanded by Lin Carter. Most of his tales were powerful fables based in the continents of Zothique, Averoigne, and Hyperborea." (Ian Davey)
Smith, Clark Ashton: The Eldritch Dark (eldritchdark.com)
"Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) is best known today for his association with H.P Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. However, his work that relates to the mythos is a small proportion of his output. Clark Ashton Smith thought of him self primarily as a poet and wrote over 500 poems and prose poems... His vivid imagination along with ironic sense of humour set him apart from his contemporaries in the pulps. Smith was also a self-taught artist whose paintings, drawings and sculptures reflect the fantastic worlds of his fiction." (Boyd Pearson)
Smith, E.E.: Lensman FAQ (dcn.davis.ca.us)
Book listing, discussion of possible sequel, film and comics. "The LENSMEN FAQ, written by the soi-disant Gharlane of Eddore, is the place where you can find all you need to know about "Doc" Smith's classic series." (Gharlane of Eddore)
Smith, L. Neil: Official Homepage (webleyweb.com)
(Ken L. Holder) [Updated Oct 2001]
Smith, L. Neil: Essays (keithlynch.net)
"Here are 96 essays and open letters by the award-winning libertarian science fiction author L. Neil Smith. These essays are maintained here by Keith Lynch (who agrees with most but not all of this material) with L. Neil Smith's permission." (Keith Lynch (keithlynch.net), L. Neil Smith) [Updated Sep 2001]
Somtow, S.P.: The Total S.P. Somtow Experience (somtow.com)
Music pages, bookstore, lighter side, Valentymes (newsletter), interviews, Madana (opera), movies, stories, poems, fan club, bibliography, and t-shirts. (S.P. Somtow) [Updated Oct 2001]
Norman Spinrad's homepage (compuserve.com)
Mr. Spinrad is looking for a publisher for his twentieth novel, and isn't interested in a large advance. See his home page and find out why. (Norman Spinrad)
Stackpole, Michael A. (stormwolf.com)
(Michael A. Stackpole) [Updated Oct 2001]
Steele, Allen (sfwa.org) home page
(Allen Steele) [Updated Sep 2001]
[gopher] Sterling, Bruce: archive at the WELL (well.sf.ca.us)
Sterling has donated the text of his book The Hacker Crackdown (see below), collections of his articles for [gopher]The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (well.sf.ca.us) and [gopher]Science Fiction Eye (well.sf.ca.us) to the WELL archive in San Francisco, together with a [gopher]bibliography (well.sf.ca.us), his [gopher]recommended reading list (well.sf.ca.us) and other texts. There are alternative copies of this material at the [FTP]Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff.org) and at the English Server (cmu.edu). (Bruce Sterling)
Sterling, Bruce: The Hacker Crackdown (kvl.dk)
"This is a book about cops, and wild teenage whiz-kids, and lawyers, and hairy-eyed anarchists, and industrial technicians, and hippies, and high-tech millionaires, and game hobbyists, and computer security experts, and Secret Service agents, and grifters, and thieves. This book is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s. It concerns activities that take place inside computers and over telephone lines." Hypertext version of Bruce Sterling's 1992 book about attempts by the US law-enforcement agencies to get to grips with computer crime. (Converted to HTML by Bryan O'Sullivan and Joerg Heitkoetter.) The plain text is available with the Bruce Sterling archive material at the various sites listed above. (Bruce Sterling)
[gopher] Sterling, Bruce: interview with Jon Lebkowsky (well.sf.ca.us)
[gopher] Sterling, Bruce: autobibliography (well.sf.ca.us)
(Bruce Sterling)
Stith, John E.: Home Page (neverend.com)
"Biography, bibliography, excerpts, etc. from the author of Redshift Rendezvous and others." (John E. Stith)
Straub, Peter's Official Homepage (net-site.com)
Straub, Peter: alt.books.peter-straub F.A.Q. (geocities.com)
(Darren A. Peace)
Strauss, Victoria (sff.net)
"My website features my upcoming book The Arm of the Stone (April 1998) as well as my young adult fantasy fiction... My father, a university professor, was very successful in getting guest professorships and grant fellowships at other universities. Until I was fourteen, I never lived in the same house or attended the same school for more than two years in a row... for some reason it seems to be obligatory for fantasy writers to have cats..." (Victoria Strauss)
Stross, Charlie's Place (antipope.org)
(Charlie Stross)
Stross, Charles: short stories (liu.se)
Collection of short stories from Interzone and elsewhere, by young UK author Charles Stross.
Sturgeon, Theodore Page (upenn.edu) at upenn.edu
"...it has a list of links to various web references and information about Sturgeon, as well as a complete list of his books and stories." Now also contains the "Theodore Sturgeon FAQ." (Eric Weeks)
Summers, S.C.: Signposts Timeline (tripod.com)
"Educated speculation, not fact or prophecy. This time line represents just one possible future to come-- it is not a set-in-stone declaration of what will happen-- but rather what very well could happen, based on studies of humanity's past history, current trends, and what is theoretically possible according to the latest scientific knowledge of which I am aware. I completed the first draft of the Signposts in 1991-1992, and have subsequently updated and expanded it as appropriate, up through 1997. These revisions and expansions are ongoing... I'm currently writing [a novel] about the future described here..." (S.C. Summers, J.R. Mooneyham) [Updated Oct 2001]
Swann, S. Andrew: Home Page (sff.net)
(Steven Swiniarski)

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