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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Wade, Susan (sff.net)
"I was born on the day Albert Einstein died, a confluence of events I haven't managed to calculate the signficance of just yet. My fiction has appeared in national magazines and anthologies (see bibliography) and my first suspense novel, Walking Rain, was published by Bantam in August 1996. It's about a potter named Amelia Rawlins who reclaims her grandfather's isolated New Mexico ranch after an absence of many years. She's forced to face her disturbing past in the process..." (A. T. Campbell)
Warrington, Freda (aol.com)
"Freda Warrington has been captivating readers with spell-binding stories for the past eleven years. Her twelfth novel came out last April [1997], her thirteenth (appropriately) last Halloween/Samhain [1997]..." "I try to write the sort of fiction I'd like to read; vivid and emotionally involving, with strong characters whose embodiment of good and evil may be, as in the real world, ambiguous." (Freda Warrington)
Watson, Ian, The Page (kdsi.net)
Maintained by Douglas A. Mackey, author of The Work of Ian Watson: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (San Bernardino, CA: The Borgo Press, 1989). (Douglas A. Mackey)
Watt-Evans, Lawrence: The Misenchanted Page (sff.net)
"Welcome to the Web site devoted to, authored by, and maintained by Lawrence Watt-Evans, author of a Whole Bunch O' Stuff, including The Misenchanted Sword, whence the name."
(Lawrence Watt-Evans)
Webb, Don: Bibliography (euro.net)
"with the cooperation of and input from Don Webb." (H.W. Targowski)
The Unofficial David Weber Fan Club Page (movie-trailers.com)
"This is a unofficial fan home page with information, reviews, links, etc. for David Weber, an author of military sci-fi novels. This page features tons of pictures, links, info, fan fic and reviews of military sci-fi books across the WWW. This is a great page for fans of military sci-fi and sci-fi in general. Home of the Flying Shrapnel Sci-Fi Award for cool military sci-fi websites." (Scott Deering) [Updated Oct 2001]
Weis, Margaret: Home Page (mag7.com)
Margaret Wies and Don Perrin. "We are both science fiction and fantasy authors working freelance for New York and London publishers and Hasbro, the new owners of TSR and Dragonlance." [Updated Oct 2001]
Wells, Martha, Home Page (rtis.com)
"I have two fantasy novels currently out from Tor Books (The Element of Fire and City of Bones) and will be doing two more for Avon Books..." (Martha Wells)
West, Julia Home page (sff.net)
(Julia West)
West, M. Brook (sff.net)
(Brook West)
Wheeler, Wendy, Home Page (io.com)
(Wendy Wheeleer)
Williams, Conrad (poba.co.uk)
"British horror author. Excerpts from novels plus some of his short fiction on-line, along with details of influences." (Sandals) [added Oct 2001]
The Sean Williams Homepage (eidolon.net)
"Sean Williams was born in Whyalla in 1967 and has been writing professionally for six years. His short fiction has appeared in such magazines as Aboriginal SF, Aurealis, Beyond, Bloodsongs, Eidolon and The Leading Edge, as well as the anthologies Alien Shores, Intimate Armageddons, The Lottery, The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories, Terror Australis and Writers of the Future Vol.IX..." [Updated Oct 2001]
Williams, Walter Jon, Homepage (thuntek.net)
(Walter Jon Williams)
Williams, Tad, Home Page (tadwilliams.com)
(Kat Berman,
Wilson, Charles, Web Site (metamall.com)
(Charles Wilson)
Wilson, Robert Anton, Fan Page (levity.com)
(Robert Daeley, Christopher D. Ritter)
Wolfe, Gene, Fan Page (op.net)
(Paul Dugan, [Updated Oct 2001]
Wright, Sydney Fowler (1874-1965) (sfw.org)
Contains six million words of the published works of Sydney Fowler Wright, science fiction, crime, poetry, political and history author. "The first collection of Sydney Fowler Wright's short fiction, The New Gods Lead, was published by Jarrolds in 1932. It contained ten stories, of which the first seven were grouped together under the subtitle 'Where the New Gods Lead'. All the stories were fantastic, all of them save for one allegory belonging to the genre of 'scientific romance' whose principal exemplars were to be found among the early works of H. G. Wells." (Gus Fowler-Wright)
Wul, Stefan (emse.fr)
"...an important french author (many reissues, translations in dozen of foreign languages, including english)." (Jean-Jacques Girardot)
Wyndham, John (kymlicka.ca)
(Stephen Kymlicka)

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