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AwardWeb (dpsinfo.com)
"Welcome to AwardWeb, a collection of lists of literary award winners. The emphasis of this site is science fiction awards, but you'll find other literary awards added as I find them. If you'd like to see an award linked to this site, just drop me a line." ... "AwardWeb is a complete and searchable listing of all Hugo, Nebula, Stoker and World Fantasy Awards along wiht many nominations and other awards." (Laurie D. T. Mann) [Updated Oct 2001]>
British Science Fiction Association (avnet.co.uk)
Awarded by ballot of members. [Updated Oct 2001]
Campbell, John W. (ukans.edu)
For best sf novel; created by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss and awarded by a jury of critics and writers; not to be confused with the "John W Campbell Memorial Award" for best new sf writer. [Updated Oct 2001]
Chesley (asfa-art.org)
Awarded by the ASFA (Association for Science Fiction Artists?) for illustrations, covers and other artwork. [Updated Oct 2001]
ClariNet: The "Electric Science Fiction" 1993 Hugo & Nebula Award Anthology (netfunny.com)
Blurb about the CD-ROM anthology of Hugo and Nebula nominated fiction and artwork (also includes Vernor Vinge's hypertext annotations to his novel A Fire Upon the Deep, sound and video clips of authors and other miscellaneous multimedia). "Due to contractual restrictions (since there are 60 authors on the CD) the CD is in effect out of print. People sometimes advertise copies for sale in rec.arts.sf.written or on places like eBay." See also the complete file list (netfunny.com). [Updated Oct 2001]
Arthur C Clarke (literature-awards.com)
For best science fiction novel published in the UK; created by Clarke and awarded by a jury nominated by the Science Fiction Foundation, the British Science Fiction Association and the International Science Policy Foundation. [Updated Oct 2001]
Philip K Dick (vt.edu)
For best original paperback novel; created by Thomas Disch and awarded by a jury of critics and writers nominated by Algis Budrys and David Hartwell. [Updated Oct 2001]
Hugo Awards (worldcon.org)
Awarded by ballot of members of the World Science Fiction Convention (worldcon.org); winners list available at SF-lovers (rutgers.edu), also available as a web page at AwardWeb (dpsinfo.com); and nominations for best novel (rutgers.edu), novella, novellette and short story (rutgers.edu) (at SF-Lovers). (Saul Jaffe; Laurie D. T. Mann)
The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase (sfsite.com)
"The ISFDB contains over 12000 author bibliographies, based on roughly 10000 novel entries and more than 36000 short fiction entries. It can display the content listings of more than 3800 magazines (with complete runs of Asimov's, Analog, Interzone, Science Fiction Age, and many others), has an extensive list of forthcoming books, nearly 15000 award entries (including the Aurora, British Fantasy Awards, Campell, Clarke, Hugos, Lambda, Locus Poll, Mythopoeic, Nebulas, P. K. Dick, Prometheus, SFBC, SF Chronicle, Tiptree, Hall of Fame, HOMer, and WFA awards), and has a series of top 100 lists based on award information." (Al von Ruff)
Lambda (lambdasf.org)
[Updated Oct 2001]
Locus (locusmag.com)
[Updated Oct 2001]
Mark Time Award (greatnorthernaudio.com)
"The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the Best Science Fiction Audio Production in the United States... The Mark Time Awards are co-sponsored by MINICON and Minn-STF." (Jerry Stearns)
Mythopoeic (mythsoc.org)
Awarded by the Mythopoeic Society for fantasy literature and scholarship, and for scholarship relating to the Inklings - Tolkien, Lewis and Williams. (Eleanor Farrell)
Nebula (dpsinfo.com)
Awarded by ballot of the Science Fiction Writers of America: winners (rutgers.edu) and nominations for best novel (rutgers.edu), novella, novelette and short story (rutgers.edu) (Saul Jaffe; Laurie D. T. Mann) [Updated Oct 2001]
Prometheus (lfs.org)
"Founded in 1982 [by The Libertarian Futurist Society] to provide encouragement to science fiction writers who books examine the meaning of freedom..." (Tod Casasent) [Updated Oct 2001]
Sidewise Awards for Alternate History (uchronia.net)
"The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were conceived in late 1995 to honor the best "genre" publications of the year. The award takes its name from Murray Leinster's 1934 short story "Sidewise In Time", in which a strange storm causes portions of Earth to swap places with their analogs from other timelines. The first Sidewise Awards were announced in summer 1996." (Steven Silver) [Updated Oct 2001]
Bram Stoker (horror.org)
For horror fiction. This site lists award winners and nominees since the awards' inception in 1987 up to the present. [Updated Oct 2001]
James Tiptree, Jr. Award (tiptree.org)
For best novel about gender; awarded by a jury selected by Pat Murphy and Karen Joy Fowler. (Bill Humphries) [Updated Oct 2001]
The Unofficial SFWA Awardball Statistical Abstract and Trading Card Album (sff.net)
"A slightly irreverent look at SFFWA's 30-year love-hate relationship with the Nebula Award." (Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
World Fantasy (worldfantasy.org)
Presented at the World Fantasy Convention. Winners and nominees. (Sharon Sbarsky) [Updated Oct 2001]

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