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Bibliographies and Lists

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Collections of author bibliographies

The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase (sfsite.com)
"The ISFDB contains over 12000 author bibliographies, based on roughly 10000 novel entries and more than 36000 short fiction entries. It can display the content listings of more than 3800 magazines (with complete runs of Asimov's, Analog, Interzone, Science Fiction Age, and many others), has an extensive list of forthcoming books, nearly 15000 award entries (including the Aurora, British Fantasy Awards, Campell, Clarke, Hugos, Lambda, Locus Poll, Mythopoeic, Nebulas, P. K. Dick, Prometheus, SFBC, SF Chronicle, Tiptree, Hall of Fame, HOMer, and WFA awards), and has a series of top 100 lists based on award information." (Al von Ruff)
MIT SF Society library catalog (mit.edu) [Updated Oct 2001]
SciFiList - Science Fiction in paperback and pulp magazines (scifilist.com)
A searchable bibliography. It's basically a tremendous database, but one interesting wrinkle is that it allows you to use their database to catalog your own collection. (Robert Thompson) [Updated Oct 2001]>
SF-Lovers author bibliographies (rutgers.edu)
A very large collection of author bibliographies, plus some imprint bibliographies. Look here first. (Saul Jaffe)
Usenet postings: bibliographies (liu.se)
Postings to Usenet consisting of author bibliographies, collected by Mats Öhrman

Subject bibliographies and other lists

Alternate histories (uchronia.net)
"An annotated list of stories and essays involving alternate histories, writings in which a past event has been altered and its effect on later history described." (Robert B. Schmunk) [Updated Oct 2001]
[FTP] Arthurian (mit.edu)
(Cindy Tittle Moore)
Chicago Science Fiction (sfsite.com)
Science fiction set in Chicago. (Steven H Silver (sfsite.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
SciFan: Classics (scifan.com)
"What are the classic books of science fiction? What makes a book a classic? Do the critics and scholars know which books are best or do the science fiction fans know better? And what qualities define a classic? Jim, our sci-fi veteran attempts to find the answers. Start reading the introduction to this essay or navigate through the lists we compiled." I tried looking up a review of "I, Robot" and I get "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: 'FirstMonth' /titles/title.asp, line 78" so I'm not sure it's ready for prime time. But the essays seem to come up fine. (James W. Harris) [Updated Oct 2001]
Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction (wsu.edu), Washington State University.
"I created these study guides to help my students prepare for literature classes. They are meant to serve several functions. Some of them provide background to help readers understand what they are reading and why they are reading it (the historical status of the works)... They provide useful information, explaining allusions, obscure terms, etc. in the texts and provide translations of passages written in languages other than English..." (Paul Brians)
[gopher] Cyberpunk (spies.com)
(Jason Harrison)
Cyberpunk Bibliography (bookbrowser.com) at BookBrowser: Titles by Topic
"The books are included (in this bibliography) on the basis of content rather than style, which means it provides a perspective on the sub-genre different from most. I also update it frequently." This bibliography is one of a whole bunch of subject bibliographies found at this site, and they're not all sf either. They've got Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse, Baseball, Campaigns and Elections, Cyberpunk, Characters with an Artificial Arm or Hand, Cyber-Thriller, Financial, Forensics, Halloween Mysteries, New Age, Oprah's Book Club Titles, Trans-Historical Suspense, Seriously Humorous Mysteries, Supernatural Mysteries, Vampires, Virtual Reality, and Wildlife Mysteries. (Maskull) [Updated Oct 2001]
Fiction Into Film List (trawna.com)
The general idea is to have a list of movies (theatrical, direct to video, or made-for-TV) that were based on works of fiction (including novels, novellas, short stories, fairy tales, or whatever). This was expanded to include not only movies, but also TV shows (series, miniseries, or episodes of series). (Greg Schmidt)
First published SF and Fantasy (sfsite.com)
(Steven H Silver (sfsite.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections (best.com)
(William G. Contento)
Jews in Science Fiction (sfsite.com)
"Includes all the novels and short stories I was able to find. It does not include alternate World War II stories unless they have a strong Jewish element to them. "Wandering Jew" stories are debatable as to their "Jewishness" and are labeled with a "[WJ]"." (Steven H Silver (sfsite.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List (geocities.com)
as voted by the Internet community. (Tristrom Cooke) [Updated Oct 2001]
Lambda Sci-Fi's Recommended Booklist of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Feminist themed F & SF (lambdasf.org)
[Updated Oct 2001]
[WinWord] L.A.S.F.S. Recommended Reading List for Mature Children and Young Adults (boston-baden.com)
(Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Inc.)
Locus Magazine's Index of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Books Received (locusmag.com)
"This index is created from the monthly Books Received column in Locus Magazine, edited by Charles N. Brown. The contents of anthologies, single-author collections, and magazines are added by William G. Contento, who also wrote the programs used to generate these pages... All comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. are welcome." (William G. Contento)
Mars in Science Fiction (scifan.com)
"This bibliography began as "Voyages to Mars", a two-part article I wrote for Sirius in 1993. At the time there was a boom in Mars fiction and though I tried to be as complete as possible, my article was soon out of date... Some people will wonder why I haven't included H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. This is because this bibliography is about Mars, not about Martians, and I have stuck to works set on or dealing with the planet. I have tried to include as broad as possible range of books on this theme, from planetary romances by Edgar Rice Burroughs, to hard science fiction by Kim Stanley Robinson. With one special exception, I have not included any juvenile fiction about Mars, nor have I included any media tie-ins or spinoffs." (Christine Hawkins) [Updated Oct 2001]
The Moon in Science Fiction (earthlink.net)
"Mankind's dreams of space exploration focused first on our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon... The following is a bibliography of science fiction novels and short stories in which Earth's satellite has a major or at least significant role..." (Patricia Altner) [Updated Oct 2001]
Nanotechnology in Science Fiction (geocities.com)
(Anthony Napier) [Updated Oct 2001]
NESFA Reading List of Core SF and Fantasy (nesfa.org)
For the last few years, a group of NESFen have been compiling an inclusive reading list of SF and fantasy. The result of years of reading and discussion can be found in the NESFA Reading List of Core SF & Fantasy. This list is organized by author. Many NESFA members contributed to the list, including: Tony Lewis, Chip Hitchcock, David Grubbs, Elisabeth Carey, Jim Mann, Joe D. Siclari, Joe Rico, Kurt Baty, Kelly Persons, Mark Hertel, Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson, Peter Trei, Saul Jaffe. This list will be revised periodically. (Laurie Mann, Mark Olson) [Updated Oct 2001]
New England SF Association recommended reading list (nesfa.org)
(Mark Olson)
Pagan Parent's Reading Guide (cog.org)
Don't let the title scare off the non-pagans in the audience - it's a nice little fantasy reading list that includes such classic writers as E.B. White (Charlotte's Web), Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and Edward Eager (Half Magic). The sitemaster says: "While some of the publications listed are out-and-out Pagan, most are not. However, in my opinion, they talk about the values and visions that make up our religious life. This is only a first draft. Please feel free to submit any suggestions to be included in the later editions." (Marjorie Rosen) [Updated Oct 2001]
Paleontological science fictions and non-fictions for teens and adults (paleobook.com)
This is a nifty site. They have a bunch of science fiction titles (heavy on the Edgar Rice Burroughs, but Harrison and Crichton are in there too) and also non-fiction, with reviews of most of them. They'll be happy to sell you the books that are in print - and on some others, they suggest using Inter-Library Loan to borrow a copy. The site was created to promote a particular book, but with any luck they'll keep the page current as time goes by. (Dan Gallagher)
The Recommended Fantasy Author list (sff.net)
"The list is alphabetic by author. In the case of authors with multiple series, I've attempted to list their works in order of publication. Note that the operative word in the preceding sentence is "attempted." Series are listed with a series title followed by the individual books in the series. The listing will indicate if the titles are part of an on-going series or a limited series (trilogies, tetralogies, and the like), and if the books within the series stand alone. If the series has gone beyond 10 books, the first several books will be listed, and maybe a few others of particular interest..." (Amy Sheldon)
[FTP]Robin Hood (mit.edu)
(Cindy Tittle Moore)
Science and magic (liu.se)
"Books that bridge the gap between sf and fantasy, containing elements from both." (Claus Schwinge)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database (tamu.edu)
"The Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database [formely Hal Hall's Science Fiction Criticism 1992-1995] is an on-line, searchable compilation and extension of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Index 1878-1985, Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Index 1985-1991, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Index 1992-1995, including material located since publication of the last printed volume. Most material was obtained and examined by the compiler; the remainder was verified in a reliable secondary source. The database indexes over 50,000 items." [Sep 2001] (Hal Hall, Len Hatfield)
Science Fiction and Utopias by Women, 1818-1949: A Chronology (mindspring.com)
Starts with Mary Shelley (Frankenstein, 1818) and goes on from there. (L. Timmel Duchamp) [Added Oct 2001]
[FTP] SF references in music (mit.edu)
A list of music (rock, jazz, folk, classical and electronic) containing science fictional references. (Rich Kulawiec)
SF Site: New Books (sfsite.com)
"our New Books section covers virtually every new release of interest to SF, Fantasy and Horror fans, roughly 150 titles every month." (John O'Neill)
Short Fiction Roundup (sff.net)
(Jim Bailey)
Star Wars novelisations
There used to be one list of novelisations, sharecropping prequels and sequels, and other books related to the George Lucas movies, at wpi.edu. Now there are lots of Star Wars pages, and several different pages just dealing with the books (and comic books). Here are a few of them.
TheForce.Net (theforce.net) [formerly known until 1997 as a list of Star Wars novelisations at tamu.edu]
(Scott Chitwood) {!--scott__theforce.net, swpage__aero.tamu.edu}--> [Updated Oct 2001]
Star Trek novelisations
Lists of books based on the original series (in two parts, [gopher]1 (utoronto.ca) and [gopher]2 (utoronto.ca)) and [gopher]The Next Generation (utoronto.ca). (Ron Carman)
Sweet Despise: Dark Literature Recommended Reading List (eclipse.co.uk)
"This is an attempt to put together a rough reading list covering various aspects of dark literature... There should be something in here for everyone." Most of the books have a capsule review. For example, the Graham Masterston novel "Prey" has this write-up: "A novel taking Brown Jenkin, a minor character from one of Lovecraft's short stories, and creating an excellent novel around him as an evil half man-half rat hybrid who steals children in order to sacrifice them. One of the better Cthulhu Mythos novels." (Ian Davey)
Transformation Stories List (transformationlist.com)
List of books and short stories that feature physical or mental transformation, with short comments as to what part shape-changing plays in them. (Mark Phaedrus) [Updated Oct 2001]

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