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Lists of bookstores (geocities.com) in...

Advanced Book Exchange, Inc. (abebooks.com)
"...full-featured information service for buying and selling out-of-print, used, rare and antiquarian books." [Updated Oct 2001]
Adventures in Crime and Space (crimeandspace.com), Austin, Texas.
"The store is an SF/Mystery bookstore." Their "Favorite Links" page has quite a few SF and fannish links; in fact, I could only find two links that were mystery-related, so I'd guess that SF is their first love. Oh, and they sell books, too. (Lori Wolf) [Updated Oct 2001]
Amazon.com Books (amazon.com), Seattle, Washington.
This is a big one. This site has the only worthwhile use of "cookies" I've seen yet - they give your browser a magic cookie to use to keep track of your "shopping basket" of purchases. They've recently started a "Build Your Own Bookstore - Amazon.com Associates Program" where you can put together a web page that recommends books for sale, and take a commission. Instant bookstore kit, just add web pages. Your SFRG maintainer has already seen two such instant bookstores show up wanting to be added to the SFRG. I'll go out on a limb here and predict that more will turn up, and that other virtual megastores will set up similar partnership programs... Gosh, I wrote that first paragraph years ago, about 1996? 1997? And now everybody knows about Amazon, they've added to their product lines, other online-only bookstores have sprung up. Amazon.com quietly discontinued their deep-discount policy, so you should (as always) shop around before you buy. [Updated Oct 2001]
Andromeda Book Store (andromedabook.co.uk), Birmingham, UK.
they have cleaned up their act and the pages are small, load very fast, contain loads of information, e.g. their catalogue is avaible for download in the parts you want or all of it lots of links and other nice things. [-tommy] [Updated Oct 2001]
Basement Full of Books (sff.net)
New books, available by mail directly from their authors. "This list is compiled as a courtesy for readers and writers. All arrangements are between individuals, not through the compiler of the list. Inquiries from writers with books to include on the list are welcome." Also available by [FTP]ftp (mit.edu) from MIT. (Jim Macdonald)
The Booksmith (booksmith.com), San Francisco
"We're more than just a virtual business, we're more than just a bland chain - we're a real bookstore with an experienced, friendly and knowledgable staff. Located in San Francisco's historic Haight Ashbury, The Booksmith has been in business for more than twenty years. We know books better than just about anyone!" Thomas Gladysz)
Buck Creek Books (qklink.com), Lafayette, Indiana
"BCB is a bookstore in Lafayette, Indiana, USA that has a large (70,000+) stock of fine used books with special strengths in Science Fiction and Fantasy." (Laura Farrer)
Dangerous Visions Bookstore (readsf.com), Los Angeles, California
"Dangerous Visions is the oldest and largest Speculative Fictioon Bookstore in Los Angeles, California."
(Lydia C. Marano)
Fantask (fantask.dk), Copenhagen, Denmark
"Fantask is the world's oldest and still existing comic book and games store. On these Web-pages you can browse in our on-line catalogue with more than 30.000 items! Please let us know what you think of these pages by writing to us via e-mail."
Fantastic Collectibles (oldsfbooks.com), Carmel, Indiana
"Collecting Science Fiction books and magazines has been my hobby for over 30 years. My main interest is in magazines known as 'Pulp' magazines, published between 1920 through about 1955, but I collect Science Fiction paperbacks and hardcover books as well. As I unfortunately read only English, my interest is confined to those published in the U.S., Canada, and Britain.... I always have plenty of duplicates to sell or trade, as I usually buy entire collections and choose what I need for my personal collection... I have only been online since December 1996, but have been issuing regular catalogs since 1976." (Ray Bowman)
House of Science Fiction (xenoscience.com), Mesa, Arizona
(Steve Flitman)
Internet Book Shop (bookshop.co.uk), Oxford, UK.
They call themselves the largest online bookshop in the world, and go by the initials iBS. "We have over 120,000 titles in stock" according to their FAQ. I did a search for Terry Pratchett books, and found a bunch of titles that I haven't seen yet, in several editions, all quoted in pounds, of course. Their main page has four animated GIFs that could be eliminated without harming the content, but on the other hand they were featuring a Pterry book, so what can you do... [Updated Oct 2001]
Jumpgate Science Fiction/Fantasy (jumpgatelink.com), Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"One way or another all of us here at Jumpgate have grown up with Science Fiction/Fantasy leading our way to adulthood. We believe that there is something in the genre for everyone at any age.. We're not about ray guns and rocket ships, we're about possibilities, dreams and sculpting the future." Don't forget to look for the invisible white-on-white webcrawler bait, if you're using a graphical browser. (Hector Diaz)
Christine Kovach, Bookseller (kovachbooks.com). Houston, Texas
"A mail order and on-line bookseller specializing in modern first edition Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery, with many signed books." (Christine Kovach)
William Matthews, Bookseller (vaxxine.com). Fort Erie, Ontario Canada.
"We have issued catalogues of early SF and Fantasy since 1976, and are in the process of issuing our catalogues online." (Bill Matthews)
Daniel J. McAdam Antiquarian Books (djmcadam.com), Clifton Park, New York.
"We sell used horror fiction, science fiction and books on the supernatural." (Daniel J. McAdam)
The Mystical Unicorn (myunicorn.com), Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
"Atlantic Canada's Online Used Bookstore" (Lucie MacDougall)
Nebula bookstore (nebulabooks.com) Montréal, Québec, Canada
" Canada's online bookstore for the classics and new releases in science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror. Specializing in Terry Pratchett, Jack Whyte, Michael Moorcock, British imports and Canadian SF & F." ... "July 2000, Nebula Books, closed its storefront doors after serving the Montreal science fiction & fantasy community for over ten years. Please feel free to read our letter of farewell. However, Nebula Books continues to operate in this world, offering a complete selection of Terry Pratchett, Michael Moorcock & Jack Whyte. Order placed are shipped via our mother-store, The Magical Blend (themagicalblend.com)." (Debra Aubin) [Updated Oct 2001]
The Other Change of Hobbit (dnai.com) Berkeley, California
A science fiction and fantasy bookstore.
PBA Galleries (pacificbook.com) [Formerly listed as Pacific Book Auction Gallery]
(Kris Sherman) [Updated Oct 2001]
River City Books (grnet.com), Grand Rapids, Michigan
"River City Books is a locally owned, independent bookstore servicing West Michigan." Has address, phone and fax numbers, and email contact. [Updated Oct 2001]
Science Fiction Book Club (sfbc.com).
"We invite you to visit the Science Fiction Book Club and encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions... Those who join will receive five books for $1, a savings of 65% on hardcovers, and a free magazine subscription." (Cecile Major)
Sci Fi Arizona (scifi-az.com), Tempe, Arizona
"A virtual science fiction bookstore and writers workshop." (Michael McCollum)
Sci Fi Connection Bookstore (gkweb.com)
"I am building a comprehensive link to amazon.com for sci-fi, fantasy and horror. The page went up on 12/4 and [in two weeks' time] over 500 people have visited. It's interesting to note that Robert Jordan is by far the most popular author..." (Bill Karoly)
Seaside Book and Stamp (twistedpair.ca), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
"...We carry only about 10,000 different Science Fiction and Fantasy titles, new and used and stamps and stamp collecting supplies. We ship worldwide..."
The Space-Crime Continuum (io.com)
"The Space-Crime Continuum is a science-fiction and mystery bookstore focusing on new and in-print books. We have a complete online catalog and ordering system, as well as lists of upcoming books, and pride ourselves on efficient and individualized service." (Chris Aylott)
Star Books (star-books.com) Thornwood, New York
"We sell books based on various science fiction and fantasy universes that you have grown to love. Books that visit the Star Trek universes, the Babylon 5 worlds, the ever expanding Star Wars universe, strange X-File encounters and so many more. All our novels are the "official" books..." [Your maintainer here: sounds like the subgenre of novelizations and spinoff media fiction has reached critical mass. Gods help us all... -chaz] "...please note that we also carry non tie-in Science Fiction titles. Also, perhaps more importantly, many of our clients have learned about us first because of Star Trek or Star Wars or X-Files or whatever. They later purchased other non-media tie-in titles from us."
The Stars Our Destination (sfbooks.com), Chicago, Illinois
"So far we have a fully linked list of recent and upcoming events, a description of store stock and policy, and our Recommended Reading shelf (partially linked). We intend to get more shelves up (eventually the whole inventory) and also to provide resources, probably both bibliographic and author-page, we'll see..." (Alice Bentley)
Storisende Verlag & Versandbuchhandel (storisende.com), Spenge, Germany
"We are a small press publisher of SF and bookseller and we features on our site weekly reviews and monthly stories." (Michael Plogmann)
Tolkienwinkel (The Tolkien Shop) (xs4all.nl), Lieden, The Netherlands
"The Tolkien Shop started life in 1986 as a service to the members of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor. As a dedicated collector of Tolkienalia I was already scouring the world for interesting material to add to my collection so I might just as well import 10 copies of a book instead of one and offer the rest for sale. Over the years the Tolkienwinkel kept on growing and I have now just about everything your Tolkien heart can desire available. Please browse through the catalogue; I am sure every Tolkien enthusiast will find something of interest in it." (Rene van Rossenberg)
UnEarthly Videos and Books (abebooks.com), Belmont Shore, California
"Receive a 10% discount through June 30th, 1997 on any book or video purchase over $6.00 (prior to shipping and handling) when you mention you saw us on the Science Fiction Resource Guide." (Ana Dahlen) [Updated Oct 2001]
Village StoryTapes (storytapes.net), Sebastopol, California
"This site advertises a wide selections of books and is proud to offer the best science fiction tales of today and days gone by on tape... AudioBooks on cassette tape, rent or buy books on tape for commuting and travel." (Duncan Mackintosh) [Updated Oct 2001]
White Dwarf Books (deadwrite.com), Canada
"White Dwarf Books has been, since 1978, Western Canada's fantasy and science fiction specialty bookstore. Our enormous inventory and expertise in the field makes us a destination for every true aficionado. We sell new books only. We produce a quarterly catalogue of forthcoming new releases. This includes two to three hundred of the more notable titles, with short descriptions."
(James Ellis)
Wrigley-Cross Books (teleport.com), Portland, Oregon.
"We carry Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery. New books range from British and Austrian Imports, Small Press, and the Major Publishers - plus three books we have published. Collectible used books are listed in all fields. Wants lists are welcome as we stock about 40,000 books ranging in price from $1. We ship world wide."
A Wrinkle In Time (awit.com), Sunnyvale, California.
"We are now primarily mail order/on line, with a show room." (Shawn Blanchette)
Zardoz Books (zardozbooks.co.uk), Wiltshire, England.
"We have been trading in Vintage and Collectible paperbacks for ten years and stock 70,000 paperbacks and pulp magazines. I personally collect artwork and ephemera (adverts etc) relating to paperbacks and their publishing..." (Maurice Flanagan) [Updated Oct 2001]

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