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Rev. 17-Oct-2001

Annual Conventions

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This page lists continuing annual science fiction conventions. I'm not interested in listing one-off cons, or conventions that have a different URL every year. I'm certainly interested in cons that have their own domain name, as that more likely means I can just leave their listing here and not worry about it too much, since my major SFRG update sessions only happen about once or twice ayear... Please see our Convention Lists page for more-precise lists.

This list is not meant to be inclusive. (See also Things that make me cranky.) States/provinces and months are all we list, because cities can shift and so can dates. Check a convention's website before making any firm plans based on this list.

Ad Astra (ad-astra.org)
Ontario Canada, Feb-Apr? [Added Oct 2001]
Archon (stlf.org)
Illinois, October [Added Oct 2001]
Arisia (arisia.org)
Massachussetts, January [Added Oct 2001]
Balticon (balticon.org)
Maryland, May [Added Oct 2001]
Baycon (baycon.org)
California, May [Added Oct 2001]
Boskone (nesfa.org)
Massachussetts, February [Added Oct 2001]
ConFurence (confurence.net)
California, April [Added Oct 2001]
Consonance (rahul.net)
California, March [Added Oct 2001]
Crescent City Con (crescentcitycon.com)
Louisiana, August [Added Oct 2001]
DemiCon (demicon.org)
Iowa, May [Added Oct 2001]
Duckon (duckon.org)
Illinois, June [Added Oct 2001]
Gallifrey (gallifreyone.org)
California, February [Added Oct 2001]
LepreCon (leprecon.org)
Arizona, May [Added Oct 2001]
Libertycon (libertycon.org)
Tennessee, July [Added Oct 2001]
Loscon (loscon.org)
California, November [Added Oct 2001]
Lunacon (lunacon.org)
New York, March [Added Oct 2001]
Midsouthcon (midsouthcon.org)
Tennessee, March [Added Oct 2001]
Midwestcon (cfg.org)
Ohio, June [Added Oct 2001]
Minicon (mnstf.org)
Minnesota, March/April [Added Oct 2001]
Miscon (miscon.org)
Montana, June? [Added Oct 2001]
Norwescon (norwescon.org)
Washington, March/April [Added Oct 2001]
Orycon (orycon.org)
Oregon, November [Added Oct 2001]
Readercon (readercon.org)
Massachussetts, July [Added Oct 2001]
Roc*Kon (rockon.org)
Arkansas, May [Added Oct 2001]
Westercon (westercon.org)
Various, July [Added Oct 2001]
Windycon (windycon.org)
Illinois, November [Added Oct 2001]
Worldcon (worldcon.org)
Various, Aug/Sep [Added Oct 2001]

Conventions known to have different URLs from year to year: ConQuest, Deepsouthcon, Keycon, and Worldcons (but you can get to the Worldcons from worldcon.org).

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