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Convention - "How-To" archives

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Convention Management and Control (fanac.org)
(Joe Siclari)
Convention-Running Resources: A Smorgasbord (fanac.org)
"Fans have been holding their own conventions, on an amateur basis, since at least the 1940s. These events have grown in size, complexity, and diversity, especially since the early 1970s, and some fans have seen the need to set on paper some notes about the convention-runners' art, particularly as science fiction conventions are rather different than mundane conventions... Please bear in mind that this offering is a sort of smorgasbord; the only assumption is that you will pick and choose what you need, and adapt any recommended guidelines or procedures to your convention's circumstances. Also this is by no means complete, and is being modified and extended all the time..." (Garth Spencer)
Smof.com Archives (smof.com)
Various convention-related articles, some from a UK point of view. Includes Another Fine Nessie (smof.com), a wrap-up report based on the experiences of running Intersection - the 1995 Worldcon (worldcon.org). (Chris O'Shea)
Smofs and Fans archive (boston-baden.com)
Information on running sf conventions, and other fannish stuff. (Chaz Boston Baden)

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