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Rev. 18-Oct-2001

Fannish Home Pages

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Personal fannish home pages

Avi's Spiffy Homepage (finkel.org)
(Avi) [reinstated 10-Oct-2001]
Baden, Chaz ("Hazel") Boston (boston-baden.com)
(Chaz ("Hazel") Boston Baden)
Bell, David G.'s Temporary Web Page (demon.co.uk)
"Every so often I get e-mail from somebody with Netscape or Internet Explorer, asking me what plug-in they need to have to see "Lynx graphics"." (David G. Bell)
Bourgoin, Nicole M's Home on the Web (faerielands.com)
Campbell, KIM (dircon.co.uk)
Cramer, Kathryn's Home Page (vt.edu)
De Forest, Norman's Home Page (chebucto.ns.ca)
(Norman L. DeForest)
Dravecky, Ed: Fenton the Death Sheep From Hell (deathsheep.com)
(Ed Dravecky III) [Updated Oct 2001]
Durward, Sean (umich.edu)
(Juan Cole)
Evans, Barney and Kate (home.com)
(Barney and Kate Evans) [Updated Oct 2001]
Gelb, Janice (geocities.com)
(Janice Gelb)
Goldberg, Seth, Memorial Web Page (hidden-knowledge.com)
Karen Schaffer and David Bratman have created a Memorial Web page. People are invited to contribute, or read it, as they are so moved. (Karen Schaffer)
Goodman, Dan (visi.com)
(Dan Goodman)
Grigg, David (rightword.com.au)
(David Grigg)
Grumer, Avram (pigsandfishes.org)
(Avram Grumer)
Hansen, Rob (demon.co.uk)
(Rob Hansen)
Humphries, Bill (whump.com)
Huntzinger, Lucy (mindspring.com), The Fully Caffeinated World of
(Lucy Huntzinger)
Johnson, David (geocities.com)
(David Johnson)
Kaden, Neil (ev1.net)
Leeper, Evelyn C. (geocities.com)
(Evelyn C. Leeper)
Leeper, Mark (geocities.com)
Lindsay, Eric (ericlindsay.com)
His site has GUFF fan fund reports, his fanzine Gegenschein, and some old biographies of Australian SF writers (ericlindsay.com). (Eric Lindsay) [Updated Oct 2001]
Lynch, Keith (keithlynch.net)
Mann, Laurie: A Fannish Home Page (dpsinfo.com)
(Laurie D. T. Mann)
McGuff, Luke (oo.net)
(Luke McGuff)
Morgan, Cheryl (emcit.com)
(Cheryl Morgan)
Overton, Kathi (radix.net)
(Kathi Overton)
Phanara, Selina (geocities.com)
(Selina Phanara)
Pomeranz, John (radix.net)
(John Pomeranz)
Roimola, Ben (abo.fi)
(Ben Roimola)
Romm, Dave's Home Page (visi.com)
(Dave Romm)
Rosenzweig, Vicki's Home Page: Words and Walks (rcn.com)
[Updated Oct 2001]
Rowe, Nigel (geocities.com)
Rowland, Anita (halcyon.com)
Stilling, Roy's Yet Another Pointless Personal Homepage (stilling.co.uk)
Also available on a USA mirror site at GeoCities (geocities.com). (Roy Stilling)
Treitel, Richard (treitel.org)
(Richard Treitel)
Vera, Betsy (umich.edu)
Wells, Pam (demon.co.uk)
(Pam Wells)

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