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Please see also: Archives containing Science Fiction and Zines, Magazines and Web E-Zines.

Published fiction usually* only appears on the Internet if it is out of copyright; see the On-Line Books Page (upenn.edu) and Alex: a catalogue of electronic texts on the Internet (infomotions.com) There's some sf and fantasy on these indexes, including Frank L Baum, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Bram Stoker, Jules Verne and H G Wells. [Updated Oct 2001]

*Some professional-quality fiction is starting to show up on the Internet, for example some authors are putting a few published stories on-line, and there are a number of new sites devoted to telling stories via web pages - usually in serial form. The line between Web E-zines and serial fiction has been blurring lately; if a web e-zine is just telling one story in installments, I'll list it under Serial Fiction. And publishers have been putting sample chapters of new books on-line for a while now, see Sample Chapters and Incomplete Works for links to those companies.

The University of Michigan Etext archive (etext.org) carries some amateur fiction. [Updated Oct 2001]

And now with the explosion of world wide web pages, anyone who wants to put up their amateur fiction can do so readily... as you'll see, below.

For Your Information: sometime soon I intend to finish reorganizing Archives containing science fiction and the Fiction sections. So if one of your favorite links moves, you'll know why. -Chaz

Fiction - entire works

Both individual stories, and places with collections of stories.

Various Authors

[FTP] Chatsubo archives (arizona.edu)
Archives from a collaborative writing project based in the Usenet group alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. See the [FTP]FAQ (arizona.edu).
Clocktower Fiction (clocktowerfiction.com)
"Clocktower Fiction provides free quality original fiction for avid readers. It's an idea that began with Neon Blue Fiction and The Haunted Village, which are now imprints of Clocktower Fiction. At Clocktower Fiction, with over 1700 pages of good reading, we believe that the Internet offers an exciting new dimension in entertainment. We are committed to combining highest quality fiction, innovative design, and ease of use." Contains stories by John Argo, Brian Callahan, and John T. Cullen. (John Cullen)
Hologram Tales (computercrowsnest.com) [Updated Oct 2001]
In 1994, Stephen Hunt started "Hologram Tales" online (taking the place of a print magaine "ProtoStellar"). "In 1999, the web site was renamed again and got a new a new web address SFcrowsnest.com, selling its original generic URL SF-fantasy.com to a Japanese firm. SFcrowsnest also started to expand its most popular section - not, somewhat surprisingly, the fiction - but its search engine. This oddly drove traffic through the roof - and to the peak of popularity which it has reached today." (Stephen Hunt, Geoff Willmetts) [Updated Oct 2001]
Hyperizons: the Hypertext Fiction Homepage (duke.edu)
Links to hypertext stories, choose-your-own-adventure games, and some near misses. Includes links collected from Prentiss Riddle's Hypertext fiction index. "Hypertext fiction (aka hyperfiction, interactive fiction, nonlinear fiction) is a new art form that while not necessarily made possible by the computer was certainly made feasible by it. Its creators make use of hypertext... to create fiction with many features uncharacteristic of print fiction: multiple paths through the same text; multiple endings (and beginnings); questions posed to the reader which, once answered, influence what the reader will read; audiovisual attachments; navigable maps; and so on and so on..." (Michael Shumate)
[FTP]Magnetic Rim (mq.edu.au), The other Australian Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Featuring short fiction from Stephen James, Paul Collins and other writers of quality Australian Science Fiction. Magnetic Rim is an ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE ... the file is MR-01.ZIP.
Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine (jopoppub.com)
"Welcome to Millenium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, we hope you enjoy yourself and come back often... Sit back, relax, and read. Then, after you have finished, please feel free to send us feedback by e-mail. Messages will be forwarded to the author." ... "On-line since '93!" (Diana R. Moreland) [Updated Oct 2001]
Various authors: Mind's Eye Fiction (tale.com)
An electronic publisher of science fiction and other genres. Three authors your maintainer recognized right off the bat were Spider Robinson, Bud Sparhawk, and Tom Easton. "Mind's Eye Fiction publishes professional short stories on the Web, concentrating on science fiction. You can read the beginning of a story for free. If you like it, you can either buy the ending of the story for a small fee or participate in an interactive advertisement and have one of our sponsors pay for it instead. (Not all stories have sponsors yet...) If you choose to buy the second part of the story, the electronic payment system will give you a form asking for your account ID. You type your ID and password, click the "Buy!" button, and you can read the ending of the story right away. The authors will be paid 75% of the amount you pay, less taxes and transaction fees. All of these payment systems allow you to obtain a refund if you feel the story wasn't worth the amount you paid. Think of this as your money-back guarantee." Note from maintainer: I believe this was the first site I added to the SFRG that sold fiction over the net, before the proliferation of e-book formats. (Ken Jenks, Dave Howell) [Updated Oct 2001]
Planet Magazine (planetmag.com)
"An award-winning free electronic quarterly of short science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor by new or little-known writers. Our goal has always been to encourage budding writers and to just plain have fun. There could be other, hidden aims, of course, motivations that are obscure and uncomfortable, instincts linked perhaps to primal, nonreasoning urges regarding power and procreation -- the very same forces, no doubt, that brought down the Atlanteans and their alabaster-towered oceanic empire. And the Dark Gods laffed... Text, PDF, DOCMaker, HTML formats. Online in full color since 1/94." (Andy McCann)
Quanta (etext.org)
Another good source of amateur fiction. (Daniel K. Appelquist)
Various authors: SciFaiku Manifesto (scifaiku.com)
"A web site that collects poetry called scifaiku, a new form which adapts the short haiku poem to the domain of science fiction. Poems of about 17 syllables strive for minimalism, immediacy, and human insight while exploring technology, the future, and alien worlds." The SciFaiku Mailing List is no longer in existence. (Tom Brinck) [Updated Oct 2001]
Shapcano's Shadowrun Stories (geocities.com)
"Hoi, chummer! Welcome. This is a page dedicated to fiction about the world of FASA's Shadowrun. I've got two complete novels and some short stories. I've also got fiction by several other authors as well as links to original fiction posted elsewhere in the universe. And an interactive story page! (Uh...well, sorta) It's all free. Enjoy... NO Java, NO Active X, NO Vrml, NO Midis, NO Wav, NO Wallpaper. Primitive? Yes. Fast-loading? Yes. Visible in every browser? Yes. Using every bit of the free 2mb that Geocities gave me? You betcha." (Bill Shapland)
The Transformation Story Archive (transform.to)
"This is the Transformation Stories Archive. Here I collect stories that deal with (mainly) physical transformations. If you have a story that might fit here, please let me know, or send it directly to me." (Thomas Hassan) [Updated Oct 2001]

Individual Authors

Ray Aldridge: The Stromlidt Museum (goodpots.com)
"I suppose you might list it under art, because of the sf stained glass, but its real function is as a literary conceit. You might list it under fiction, because one of my F&SF stories is attached to the site, and I'm adding my Nebula finalist novella from a couple years back. There's even stuff for sale, though it's not seriously meant, I'm afraid. I guess I'll have to leave it up to you." (Ray Aldridge) [Updated Nov 2001]
Loyd Boldman: Pig Iron (pigiron.com)
"Pig Iron originally went on the web in June of 1995, but was caught in a temporal disruption vortex until recently. The new, improved Pig Iron updates as often as Loyd manages to crawl out from the wreckage, about once every Jovian chronocycle. But don't hold him to it." (Loyd Boldman) [Added Oct 2001]
Michael A. Burstein: TeleAbsence
This story, which appeared in the July 1995 Analog, is one of the short stories on Michael A. Burstein's Home Page (std.com). (Michael A. Burstein)
Tom Digby: Tom Digby's Home Page. (well.com)
Tom Digby, poet-in-residence of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, prolific apa-writer (APA-L, Minneapa, APA-Lambda, others), 1993 Worldcon Fan Guest of Honor... and you have the chance to walk into a corner of his world. (Recommended by your erstwhile maintainer. -Chaz)
James C. Dunavant: The Keepers of Forever (atlantic.net)
"This site contains the full text of one of my early SF novels... It is a blend of hard SF and space opera." (James C. Dunavant)
R.D. "Gus" Frederick: Seeraen Light Universal Home Page (shellac.org)
"The Seeraen Light Universal Home Page is an on-going experiment in the art of story telling by use of the wonders of HyperText and the World Wide Web. Here you will find the fruits of my on-going literary labors as well as links to many strange and wonderful Web sites." (R.D. "Gus" Frederick) [Updated Oct 2001]
Peter Gelman: Moonifest Destiny (etext.org)
"The Rough and Ready Balloon Invasion of the Lunar Peninsula of Texas." (Peter Gelman)
E.J. Gold, ed.: Galaxy Magazine (galaxyezine.org)
"Galaxy is published On-Line, on High-Density DOS compatible Diskette, and as CDROM." (E.J. Gold)
Rob Hansen: The Reaffirmation (demon.co.uk)
"This is a pseudo-sequel to The Enchanted Duplicator, the wonderful allegory written in the 1950s by Bob Shaw and Walt Willis and now available online... Appreciating either allegorical tale requires a working knowledge of SF fandom, I'm afraid. Them's the breaks. This tale was first published in BLAT #4, edited by Ted White and Dan Steffan, Falls Church, USA, 1995." (Rob Hansen)
Sue Hornsby: Rocketship Ginger (glasswings.com.au)
"Glass Wings is proud to announce that their on line comic, ``Rocketship Ginger'', now has narration and dialogue by professional actors!! We believe that this is an internet first. Please take a look at it and our site (glasswings.com.au)." (Sue Hornsby) [Updated Oct 2001]
Vickie Howard: The Venerer's Brand (bigpond.com)
"Book One of the Wolfsong Trilogy... A Complete Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novel in HTML." (Vickie Howard)
G. Howell: Otherworlds (ihug.co.nz)
"I've got a home page with a selection of science fiction and furry stories on it as well as science fiction and fantasy illustrations I've done." (G. Howell)
Brad Johnson: Terpsichorean Dreams (amherst.edu)
"Tersichorean Dreams is an ongoing installment of the continuing adventures of Fisk Shperkley, an intrepid explorer and really cool guy. Situations perilous threaten his every turn, but he's forged through before with hardly a scratch. If he doesn't save the galaxy, who will?" (Brad Johnson) [Updated Oct 2001]
Charles Johnson: Popper's Disease (glasswings.com.au)
A short SF story with a philosophical bent. (Sue Hornsby) [Updated Oct 2001]
Richard Kadrey: [gopher] Horse Latitudes (well.sf.ca.us),
(Richard Kadrey)
Dexter Kofa, prod.: GeoSync Sci-Fi (dextech.com)
"The first movie on the web." (Dexter Kofa)
Duncan Long's Short Stories and Articles (duncanlong.com)
Short stories, book samples, general articles, religious articles, and gun articles. Do you like spiders? (Duncan Long)
Tom Maddox: [gopher] Halo (well.sf.ca.us)
(Thomas Petersen)
Jeri Massi: Jeri's Dr. Who Fiction page (pipeline.com)
(Jeri Massi)
Vonda N. McIntyre: "The Adventure of the Field Theorems" (oz.net)
in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hires Sherlock Holmes to investigate crop circles. First published in Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, ed. Mike Resnick and Martin Harry Greenberg. (Vonda N. McIntyre)
Melisa C. Michaels: Melisa C. Michaels Home Page. (sff.net)
Contains some complete short stories and poems. (Melisa C. Michaels)
Rani Pinchuk: The Soul (pandora.be)
(Rani Pinchuk)
Reinhardt, Dennis: 3D Adventure (dair.com)
"3D Adventure features high quality 3D rendered illustrations almost every week since Dec. 1995. There are over 120 pictures now online illustrating the story of a mind-linked ant race that sees things quite differently than the vision-driven race with whom they have joined forces to cross the galactic divide before any other races on the other side do so... The 3D Adventure story artwork is also available as wallpaper download in 4 different resolutions (640, 800, 1024, 1280) and some may be used to decorate online greeting cards..." (Dennis Reinhardt)
Scalora, Suza: Mythopoeia (myth.com)
"Mythopoeia, a new work in four parts by photographer Suza Scalora, puts a modern face on many familiar mythological and historical figures and also gives birth to several new creatures. The word Mythopoeia comes from the Greek and it means "the making of myths." Scalora makes myths by depicting the strength, evil, beauty, power, and "otherworldliness" of fairies, deities, vampires, and other monsters. Viewers move through four chapters -- The Holy, The Damned, The Immortals and The Fables -- and they have a sense that the shadowy world of their imagination is coming to life around them, as though these images are archetypes that always existed and Scalora is merely illuminating them..." (Robert Reich)
Shaw, Bob; and Willism, Walt: [FTP] The Enchanted Duplicator (rutgers.edu)
Classic fan fiction. Also available at UK Science Fiction Fandom Archives in Glasgow. (gla.ac.uk)
Sternberg, Elf: Journal Entries (halcyon.com) and Aimeé (halcyon.com)
(Elf Sternberg (halcyon.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
Stross, Charles: Charlie's Virtual Anthology (antipope.org)
(Charles Stross)
Thibadeau, Robert: Metafire (metafire.com)
"A world in panic - An extremist group - And a cause unstoppable - Only one woman can end it all.. This text is provided for individual reading, one HTML page served by the www.metafire.com web-server at a time, on a World Wide Web browser. The author doesn't want trees killed unnecessarily. Please respect his desire. If you need to see why, go to Greece, Easter Island, or drive from Seattle to Mt. Ranier..." (Robert Thibadeau)
Van De Bogart, Willard: Mind Tribes (earthportals.com)
More self-published fiction on the net. (Willard Van De Bogart)
Wojtowicz, Slawek: Rise of the Second Empire (interstat.net)
"Based on novels of Isaac Asimov and George Lucas." (Slawek Wojtowicz)

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