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Serial Fiction and Ongoing Stories

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This category is for works put on-line a piece at a time. At any particular time you might only be able to read the first 'N' chapters, but the complete work will eventually be uploaded.... or, it's a never-ending open-ended kind of story. Your suggestions for sf serials to list here are welcome! E-mail the maintainer.

Doohan, Brian: Generisis (internettrash.com)
Has two serial stories, "The Golden Dawn" and "Black Helicopters." But I can't figure out how to find Chapter 1 of either one. Golden Dawn was supposed to be a "biweekly serial novel of occult adventures c. 1899, featuring Aleister Crowley, Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Jarry, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats and many, many more." (Brian Doohan) [Added Oct 2001]
Gottlieb, Dan: The Galileo Syndrome (rockisland.com)
"Every two weeks I'll add another chapter to the current book. Don't worry, they're all already written--so you're not going to start reading a book that doesn't end." Chapter 3 is due February 17 [1997]." (Dan Gottlieb)
RHB: Messages from the Future (islandnet.com)
"Science fiction ezine (weekly) of conspiracy to alter history through time travel. Audios of historical figures provided." (RHB)
Rothschild, D. Aviva: With Strings Attached (geocities.com)
"It uses the Beatles as characters, but it's not at all fanfic; it's a serious fantasy novel that happens to use famous people as characters... 13 chapters are up so far [as of March 1998 1998], with another 14 or so expected." (Aviva) Kevin W. Perizzolo)
Schneider, Alfred: The Journals of Chaos V (chaos5.com)
"In a far, far distant galaxy lies the unstable Planet Chaos, serving as a penal colony for the dregs and outcasts of the Universe, much as the continent of Australia once served merry old England. In the struggle between the forces of Order and Chaos, Order has for long held the upper hand and used it to rid Earth and other worlds of evil vermin. The recently discovered Journals of Chaos tell of the struggles of the exiles and the power growing within their ranks. In particular, the Council of Chaos is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Currently the word being sent back from outer space is: Beware of Merlor, High Lord of Chaos!" (Alfred Schneider, Ben Jones) [Added Oct 2001]
Various authors: Dark Lethe (innotts.co.uk)
"I run a collaborative hypertextual science fiction novel in progress... We are currently looking for more writers. The writing is done on a mailing list and the results are published on the web. The project is mainly for fun but we do get a lot of inspiration and useful experience from working together as a group." (Leonie Winson)

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