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Sample Chapters and Partial/Incomplete Works

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This category is mostly for Sample Chapters, a great number of which are maintained on publishers' pages. Any other site that contains part of a story - usually the first part, but not necessarily - is eligible to be listed here if it's understood that the complete work will not be available on-line at that site. (See also Serial Fiction, above.) Your suggestions are solicited. E-mail the maintainer.

Baen Books Sample Chapters (baen.com)
Has a variety of sample chapters from the publisher's current production. (Arnold Bailey) [Updated Oct 2001]
Tabitha Baumander: Birth of the Goddess (alpinet.net) sample chapter
(Tabitha Baumander)
Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game (frescopix.com) partial screenplay
Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald:
(James D. Macdonald)
Lisa DuMond: Cold as Hades - A Darker Alternative (hikeeba.com)
"Mix with the living and the undead in a space station that isn't quite as friendly as the name implies..." (Lisa DuMond)
Harold Foster: The Ozymandias Principles (webcom.net)
"You are invited to read [excerpts from] The Ozymandias Principles, a history of the 21st century." (Dr. Harold Foster)
Dan Gallagher: The Pleistocene Redemption (paleobook.com) sample chapters 1-13.
(Dan Gallagher)
David Hodges, ed.: The Real Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (realhhg.org.uk)
"The RealHHG is a huge database of factual and fictional articles which appears at S-F/Fantasy conventions to raise money for charity and entertain people. There are entries from the mundane to the weird, related to HHG, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, the Discworld, Doctor Who etc or completely unrelated to anything, anywhere. You can view some sample Guide entries here, or find links to other S-F/Fantasy sites, but the only way to see the Guide in action is to check the Guide Diary." Has some amusing sample entries; the complete work exists on a computer that mostly shows up at UK science fiction conventions. Mirror sites: Freeola (3rdrock.co.uk); Freeserve (freeserve.co.uk); and NTL (ntl.com). (David Hodges, Bj) [Updated Oct 2001]
Richard Mills: The Universal Wu (pcisys.net)
(Davis Publishing)
Daniel Keys Moran (kithrup.com): Fiction Archive.
Sample chapters from various books. (Sean Eric Fagan, David Silberstein)

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