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Movie Resources

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The line between movies and television has been blurring lately, with made-for-tv movies, cable original movies, and of course the mini-series. I take the position that a "movie" is a long work (generally more than an hour) that can stand on its own as a single story, whether released in theatres or not, and usually is described as a movie. (It may not be much of a definition, but it lets me decide where to put things like Lexx.)


Movie databases, lists, archives, resource pages

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (oscars.org)
This is the official "Oscar Awards" site.
The Astounding B Monster (bmonster.com)
(Marty Baumann)
Fiction Into Film List (trawna.com)
The general idea is to have a list of movies (theatrical, direct to video, or made-for-TV) that were based on works of fiction (including novels, novellas, short stories, fairy tales, or whatever). This was expanded to include not only movies, but also TV shows (series, miniseries, or episodes of series). (Greg Schmidt)
[FTP] FAQ for rec.arts.sf.movies (mit.edu)
Summary of subjects which appear frequently in rec.arts.sf.movies; includes questions about Lord of the Rings, Terminator, 2001, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Dune, etc. (Evelyn C. Leeper (geocities.com))
The Film 100 (film100.com)
"The Film 100 is a ranking of the one hundred most influential people in the history of film. This prestigious list is accompanied by biographical essays, film recommendations, and related links. The site was launched July 1st, 1996... We encourage you to visit and explore The Film 100." (The Film 100 Editors)
The Internet Movie Database (USA) (imdb.com) (UK) (imdb.com) (Italy) (imdb.com)
Formerly known as the Cardiff movie database. (Murray Chapman)
[FTP] Saturn award winners (rutgers.edu) (for best sf, fantasy & horror films)
Science Fiction Weekly (scifiweekly.com)
"A professional electronic publication of science fiction news, reviews and short stories. We cover books, movies, games, other Web sites and anything else relating to science fiction." (Craig E. Engler)
Sci-Fi Entertainment (geocities.com)
Has summaries and reviews of some sci-fi movies and tv, including Star Wars, X-Files, Star Trek, and some 1996-1997 released movies. Last updated March 1997. (Emmett Macfarlane)
Videomaker's Camcorder and Desktop Video Site (videomaker.com)
"The mission of Videomaker, Inc. is to democratize and enrich television by educating, informing and inspiring people about its use. Toward this end, we deliver high-quality up-to-date information about video production and distribution. We teach through print, videotape, television, digital media and events such as expositions and workshops." (Joe McCleskey)
WebMovie, the web gateway to the movies (webmovie.com)
This has a nice small collection of links to other sites, for movie reviews, movie news, fun stuff, movie studios (from TriStar to Troma), and so forth - even some resources for producers. (Phil Flora) [Updated Oct 2001]

Film reviews, comments, misc. articles

Ohmori's Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Page (ltokyo.com) Ohmori's Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Page
Home page of Mr. Nozomi Ohmori, SF Translator. "What's you can see on my page is photographs of Japanese sf writers/editors/translators/fans, and some of Japanese sf arts. I'll make a directory for people over the sea, maybe next week. For those who can read Japanese will find book reviews for over 500 science fiction books, movie reviews, sf-related essays, and hot links for other Japanese sf oriented www pages. All of the articles are originally apeared in professional printed magazines and newspapers." (Nozomi Ohmori)
[gopher] SF film and book reviews (unc.edu)
Searchable index of film and book reviews archived from various newsgroups.
Strange Fun (pkbaseline.com)
"Let us be your resource for accurate information, lively opinions and thoughtful recommendations regarding the world of fantastic screen entertainment--the increasingly universal but still cultish realm of science fiction, horror, fantasy and animation. Our "beat" will encompass revivals, special events, video releases and whatever else strikes us as pleasingly peculiar. We will strive to direct you to the best of what's out there, be it Hong Kong action, Japanese "anime" or Hindi musicals. You may discover that it's a strange world after all." (Kent Greene, Russ Steffens) [Updated Oct 2001]
Usenet postings on movies (liu.se)
Postings to Usenet on science fiction movies, mostly reviews, indexed by title (collected by Mats Öhrman)

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