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Audio Text (flash.net)
"Infinivox, AudioText's science fiction imprint, publishes an unabridged series, Great Science Fiction Stories, on audio cassettes." (Allan Kaster)
Baen Books Home Page (baen.com)
(Arnold Bailey)
Black Plankton Press (geocities.com)
"Featuring speculative fiction novels by Dan Weiss... semi-near future sociological SF, not for mass market tastes." (Dan Weiss)
ClariNet: The "Electric Science Fiction" 1993 Hugo & Nebula Award Anthology (netfunny.com)
Blurb about the CD-ROM anthology of Hugo and Nebula nominated fiction and artwork (also includes Vernor Vinge's hypertext annotations to his novel A Fire Upon the Deep, sound and video clips of authors and other miscellaneous multimedia). "Due to contractual restrictions (since there are 60 authors on the CD) the CD is in effect out of print. People sometimes advertise copies for sale in rec.arts.sf.written or on places like eBay." See also the complete file list (netfunny.com). [Updated Oct 2001]
Crystalline Sphere Publishing (golden.net)
a new Canadian publisher. (Dave Switzer) [Updated Oct 2001]
Del Rey Books Home Page (randomhouse.com)
Includes the Del Rey Internet Newsletter (randomhouse.com), [gopher]information on ordering books (panix.com), submission requirements (randomhouse.com), sample chapters etc. See also the [gopher]Del Rey Books Gopher (panix.com). (Ellen Key Harris)
Desdichado Publishing (trump.net.au)
A small-press publishing company in Australia, with two books so far. Relies on animated graphics, frames, imagemaps - a generally annoying layout. But you can get some information from their page. (Stuart Newman)
Eyeball Books (empathy.com)
(Laura Stinson)
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. (ultra.net)
(Robert K. Wiener)
Grolier Interactive (grolier.com)
"We've just released a brand new CD-ROM, Grolier Science Fiction: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. It's based on the sf "bible", by John Clute and Peter Nicholls..."
Hard Shell Word Factory (hardshell.com) Electronic Books
"...These authors have chosen to present their work in a new media, free from the restraints of the printed publishing industry where only one book is chosen for publication out of hundreds of submissions. We hope you enjoy these works, not available anywhere else in the world. When you purchase one of these electronic books, the minimal charge and the encouragement you provide make it possible for other great books to be brought to you. If you have a comment about what you see here or if you have a book of your own that you would like us to consider, e-mail us. Save a tree, read electronically." (Teri Lea Chandler,
Knopf Publishing Group (randomhouse.com)
Macmillan Publishing (mcp.com)
"Welcome to the Information Super Library, the Internet home of Macmillan Computer Publishing USA, Macmillan Digital USA, Macmillan General Reference USA, Prentice-Hall Direct, Simon and Schuster, and SSI Distribution Services."
Various authors: Mind's Eye Fiction (tale.com)
An electronic publisher of science fiction and other genres. Three authors your maintainer recognized right off the bat were Spider Robinson, Bud Sparhawk, and Tom Easton. "Mind's Eye Fiction publishes professional short stories on the Web, concentrating on science fiction. You can read the beginning of a story for free. If you like it, you can either buy the ending of the story for a small fee or participate in an interactive advertisement and have one of our sponsors pay for it instead. (Not all stories have sponsors yet...) If you choose to buy the second part of the story, the electronic payment system will give you a form asking for your account ID. You type your ID and password, click the "Buy!" button, and you can read the ending of the story right away. The authors will be paid 75% of the amount you pay, less taxes and transaction fees. All of these payment systems allow you to obtain a refund if you feel the story wasn't worth the amount you paid. Think of this as your money-back guarantee." Note from maintainer: I believe this was the first site I added to the SFRG that sold fiction over the net, before the proliferation of e-book formats. (Ken Jenks, Dave Howell) [Updated Oct 2001]
NESFA Press home page (nesfa.org)
(Jim Mann)
OmniMedia Electronic Books (aros.net)
"OmniMedia is a leading publisher of high-quality electronic books for Windows. Both contemporary and classic authors are represented in many subject areas and genres, with new titles added all the time. Come visit us and browse around!" (Jon E. Noring)
Penguin USA (penguin.com)
Science Fiction Book Club (sfbc.com).
"We invite you to visit the Science Fiction Book Club and encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions... Those who join will receive five books for $1, a savings of 65% on hardcovers, and a free magazine subscription." (Cecile Major)
Science Fiction Now (science-fiction.com)
This is an e-publisher that keeps a running bestseller list... "Science Fiction NOW! is a unique interactive 'story stock market' for SF, fantasy and horror stories. Readers can choose, sample, read and rate SF stories from around the country and around the world... your opinions (from our on-line poll) rate stories, the fates of which rise and fall depending on how well you enjoy them! Authors can distribute their work and earn royalties of up to 90%, get royalty reports on-line, and access reader feedback." (David Voda)
Skysong Press (bconnex.net)
"Innovative Christian Literature Since 1988." Christian science fiction.
Star Trek Books Home Page (simonsays.com)
(Simon and Shuster) [Updated Oct 2001]
Tachyon Publications (tachyonpublications.com)
"A small, San Francisco-based publisher of science fiction and fantasy, we specialize in preserving major works that have fallen between the cracks of the big publishing houses. Whether we are publishing contemporary authors like Peter S. Beagle or Jack McDevitt, classic authors like Clifford D. Simak, Ward Moore, or Stanley G. Weinbaum, or interesting chapbooks by authors as diverse as James Tiptree, Jr., Mary Shelley, or Michael Swanwick, we are devoting to bringing you the very best in the science fiction field." Uses a few 30K graphics as backgrounds and so forth. (Jacob Weisman)
Tales of Thyme (thymeonline.com)
(Carla Parris)
Time Warner Electronic Publishing (twbookmark.com); Warner Books; Little, Brown and Company.
"Time Warner Bookmark -- Home of Warner Aspect and other Science Fiction and Fantasy titles." (Aron Zimmerman) [Updated Oct 2001]
Tor Books (tor.com)
Includes submission guidelines and more. (Patrick Nielsen Hayden)
Transylvania Press (transylvania.com)
"Transylvania Press, Inc is publishes high-quality vampiriana for collectors, libraries and fans. Our limited editions are printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and bound in library binding..."
White Wolf (white-wolf.com)
"White Wolf is a company dedicated to redefining the art of storytelling. Since its birth in 1991, White Wolf has consistently stretched the boundaries of familiar modes of artistic entertainment, introducing a whole new level to the horror/science fiction/fantasy genres. Our creative success began with our now highly popular roleplaying lines, and has been expanded by our entry into mass market fiction publishing. Now, we are making our debut in the electronic entertainment and television industries..."

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