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Role-Playing and other SF-related Games

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Gaming resources, archives, and clubs

A note from the maintainer: I'm just listing links for further resources, and for links that would directly relate to science fiction and fantasy gaming. Please explore the resource pages listed here for more info.

The Cave (ausys.se)
Fantasy RPG-related CGI-scripts and tools for GMs and players. (Johan Danforth)
Fantasy Name Generator (ausys.se)
(Johan Danforth)
Fantasy Village Generator (ausys.se)
(Johan Danforth)
Avram Grumer's Role-Playing Games page (pigsandfishes.org)
(Avram Grumer)
The Guide to Adventure (meramic.com)
"Science Fiction and Universal role-playing game, scenarios, worlds and cards. All free! Includes Alien Dawn, an alien invasion of Earth game." (Michael Ball)
North American Gaming Club Listing (multigenre.com) (NAGCL) (Andrew Durston)
North East (US) Gaming Convention List (multigenre.com) (NEGCL) (Andrew Durston)
Northern Virgina Gamers (clik.to) (NOVAG)
David and June Luff
Role-Playing Games resource guide (webrpg.com).
"the Web's oldest site devoted to Role-Playing Games." (Michael Duff) [Updated Oct 2001]
Greg Schmidt's RPG Links (trawna.com)
(Greg Schmidt (trawna.com)) [Updated Oct 2001]
SF Site: Roleplaying Resources (sfsite.com)
(John O'Neill)
Sprig's Collectible Card Games Resource Compendium (vaultmag.com)
Computer Games Related to Tolkien's Works (liu.se)
"This is a brave attempt to list all computer games that have a direct connection to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings... These pages are constantly under construction. To make them as good as possible, your help is needed and welcome." (Fredrik Ekman)
WHO-RPG-L's Home Page (ed.ac.uk).
"WHO-RPG-L is the mailing list for discussion of roleplaying in the universe portrayed by the British science-fiction programme "Doctor Who". Topics include how to prevent the dominance of the Doctor spoiling the game, characters and storylines, amending the two Dr Who role-playing games and playing Dr Who using other systems. Net.supplements for the two commercial Dr Who RPGs and net.books for playing in the Dr Who universe with other systems are archived on the web page, which also explains how to subscribe." (Ian McDonald) [Updated Oct 2001]

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