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Online Games: MUDs, MOOs, etc.

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Gaming Online: MUDs, MOOs, etc.

Amber MUSH (godlike.com) inspired by the works of Roger Zelazny
An Amber Multi-User-Shared-Dungeon (MUSH) can be found at [telnet]amber.godlike.com 5150. (godlike.com)
[telnet]ElderMOO (mvp.com)
"I have created a MOO with Portland OR fan Petrea Mitchell. It's called ElderMOO, and it's based on all our favorite sf and fantasy works from books, tv, movies, and the world wide web. Please visit ElderMOO and help create the Virtual Tucker Hotel. Much is already in place as regards Babylon 5, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and other fun stuff, but Faan Island is still very much under construction. See you there!" (Lucy Huntzinger)
[telnet]Patternfall MUSH (nyu.edu) inspired by the works of Roger Zelazny
This MUSH is based more closely on the 1st Chronicles of Amber. It can be found at [telnet]telnet://misc.acf.nyu.edu:4444 (nyu.edu).
Rhal's Furry MU*s Page (tigerden.com)
"There are hundreds of MUCKs, MUDs, MUSHes, etc. (collectively known as MU*s), but there are more than a dozen featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic creations/whatever. This list describes the most well-publicized ones, listed in approximate order of age." (Rhal)
Starship Titanic (starshiptitanic.com)
"MARVEL at the exotic interstellar itinerary of the Starship's maiden voyage - from the ancient ivory towers of Fn'na Fn'nq, to Xilaqon, galactic playground for the hedonist and pleasure-seeker. WONDER at previews of unprecedented shipwrighting genius! BOGGLE as the Starship's construction breaks all known laws of physics and bookkeeping! All this and more at Starlight Travel, exclusive booking agents for the STARSHIP TITANIC - The Ship that Cannot Possibly Go Wrong..." This is official web site for the original CD-ROM game "Starship Titanic" by Douglas Adams. (Alison Humphrey)
[telnet]The Weave (mud.com)
"Do you love the Wheel of Time series as much as we do and wish you could step into the world? Than come to The Weave! We are an rp mud based on Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series. Play an Aes Sedai and make the world dance at your fingertips. Become a male channeler, and be destined to go mad. Create a whitecloak and remove the darkfriends from the world. Be a seanchan Sul'Dam and leash all those marath'damane!" (Josh Boggis)

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