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The line between movies and television has been blurring lately, with made-for-tv movies, cable original movies, and of course the mini-series. I take the position that a "movie" is a long work (generally more than an hour) that can stand on its own as a single story, whether released in theatres or not, and usually is described as a movie. (It may not be much of a definition, but it lets me decide where to put things like Lexx.)


Archives, resource guides, etc

These typically include episode guides, FAQs (text and hypertext), pictures, sounds, cast lists and other trivia.

Multiple-show archives and resource guides

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (emmys.org)
This is the official "Emmy Awards" site.
BBC TV Movies (bbc.co.uk)
"This site is updated weekly, and includes info about all movies showiong on BBC TV in the UK. We also have a features section where we post transcriptions of interviews with film people from the BBC archive..." [I've decided I'd like to get BBC's movie channel on my American cable system. -Chaz] (Andrew Abbott) [Updated Oct 2001]
Science Fiction Weekly (scifiweekly.com)
"A professional electronic publication of science fiction news, reviews and short stories. We cover books, movies, games, other Web sites and anything else relating to science fiction." (Craig E. Engler)
Sci-Fi Entertainment (geocities.com)
Has summaries and reviews of some sci-fi movies and tv, including Star Wars, X-Files, Star Trek, and some 1996-1997 released movies. Last updated March 1997. (Emmett Macfarlane)
The Scifi Site (uran.net)
"It has many different resources for several sci-fi shows like Nowhere Man, Blake's 7, She Wolf of London, Earth 2, Space Precint, Deadly Games, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The New Outer Limits, VR.5, Strange Luck, Planet of the Apes, Third Rock from the Sun, Something is Out There, etc." (Mario Silva)
Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts (geocities.com)
Contains various original True Type fonts based on writing seen on Star Trek, Babylon 5, and V. Also text Files on Trek Politics, old PC Trek games, and more. Fascinating stuff - I'm going to use some of these myself. (Tommy of Escondido)

Program guides

These archives include collections of program guides for television series:

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