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Usenet miscellanea

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Introductions, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and home pages

All periodic postings archived at MIT for
List of SF/fantasy/horror newsgroups. (joensuu.fi)
See also: List of SF/fantasy/horror mailing lists. (joensuu.fi) (H. Väisänen)
alt.books.peter-straub F.A.Q. (geocities.com)
(Darren A. Peace)
alt.cyberpunk (brown.edu) FAQ
"What is cyberpunk, literary movement or subculture?", cyberspace, suggested reading list, cyberpunk in films, tv & music, and pointers to other electronic resources. (Erich Schneider)
alt.dragons-inn - Melanie Rawn Archives: The Dragon's Inn (dragons-inn.org)
Home page for newsgroup alt.dragons-inn. "As one correspondent so aptly stated, this is an ongoing multi-user dialogue which is creating a fantasy story on the fly. As a story, 'stats' are inappropriate; rather, the actions, thoughts, plots and plans of your character(s) are what's needed... The adventures take place on the world Ifreann, a place not so different from Earth but with far more magical energy." (Dave Womack)
alt.fan.authors.r_a_salvatore (sfsu.edu) - The R. A. Salvatore Newsgroup
After a little work, I managed to get a new Usenet group created, alt.fan.authors.r_a_salvatore, all for the discussion of Mr. Salvatore and his works!" (Corey Chandler (sfsu.edu))
[FTP] alt.fan.pratchett - Introduction to newsgroup (mit.edu)
Brief guide to the newsgroup for discussion of fiction by and other aspects of Terry Pratchett (see also entries on Pratchett under Authors). (Leo Breebaart)
alt.fan.pratchett - Terry Pratchett: The L-Space Web (lspace.org)
"Confifting of that part of thee WORLDE WIDE WEBB which contains COMMENTARIES and EXPLICATIONS upon the MULTITUDINOUS WORKS of MISTER TERENCE PRATCHETT ESQUIRE, scribe of thysse parifh. AND also many JESTS and WITTICISMS contributed by thee GOOD FOLKE of that ASSEMBLY known as ALT.FAN.PRATCHETT." Contains a short biography, interviews, bibliography, annotations, quotations, character descriptions, fan activities, signing tours, conventions, meets, alt.fan.pratchett, fanzines, clubs, books, t-shirts, china figures, FAQs, games, other resources, and more. (R.R.Collier)
alt.fandom.cons - Unofficial Mini FAQ for newsgroup (boston-baden.com) (and, to a certain extent, rec.arts.sf.fandom)
"I haven't figured out how to auto-post this, but I post it every time someone asks where the convention lists are." (Chaz Boston Baden)
[FTP] FAQ for newsgroup alt.galactic-guide (oakland.edu)
"Project Galactic Guide" is a cooperative writing project in the style of Douglas Adams. (Paul Clegg) (James Tilton) [Updated Oct 2001]
alt.horror.cthulhu Frequently-Asked-Questions list (hplovecraft.com)
(Donovan K. Loucks)
[FTP] Introduction to rec.arts.sf newsgroups (mit.edu)
An introduction to Usenet newsgroups pertaining to science fiction, including charters for the newsgroups in the rec.arts.sf hierarchy. (Leanne Phillips)
[FTP] Introduction to newsgroup rec.arts.sf.reviews (mit.edu)
Guidelines and instructions for posting to the sf book review newsgroup. (Dan'l Danehy-Oakes)
[FTP] FAQ for newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written (mit.edu)
Summary of subjects which appear frequently in the newsgroup for discussion of written sf; includes definitions, cyberpunk, Clarke's laws, HAL in 2001, oldest living sf authors, etc. (Laura Burchard)
uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 Frequently Asked Questions and Other Information.
Text-only version also available via [FTP]ftp (demon.co.uk). See also Television section. (Jeremy Morley) [Updated Oct 2001]

Collections of postings

Usenet postings: reviews (liu.se)
Postings to Usenet on science fiction books, mostly reviews, indexed by author (collected by Mats Öhrman)
Usenet postings: bibliographies (liu.se)
Postings to Usenet consisting of author bibliographies (collected by Mats Öhrman)
Usenet postings on movies (liu.se)
Postings to Usenet on science fiction movies, mostly reviews, indexed by title (collected by Mats Öhrman)

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